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    1. George says:

      Wow. This is crazy. The same rude "indian origin" (PC?) people have called me & my wife everyday several times. Glad I googled it and saw what you nice people had to say. Unfortunately for them, I am a 17-year vetran of our State's Criminal Law Enforcement Division & I have just contacted our local United States Prosecutor General's office and told a friend of mine there what is going on. Very tough to get much done across state lines, but he will look into it for me. DO NOT give them any personal information or even the time of day. The operators are extremely rude & aggressive. Our credit is perfect & I would have know if court proceedings were being brought against me long before a creditor would. I have called the 209-498-0913 number twice & told the operator that I had all of their personal information & was in the process of filing Felony Criminal charges of Harasssment by Telephone, & that I was put if fear of my families safety (not in fear, but that is the core element to getting results from Law Enforcement. I just put a call in to one of my friends at  our local FBI field office. Since these actions are crossing state lines, this is now a Federal Offense. Can't seem to get a single operator to talk to me now! LOL. Good Luck folks! REMEMBER-DO NOT CURSE AT THEM-this will only weaken you case & make you seem desperate.

    2. Manuel says:

      no pickup, no answers when pick up, and no vm

    3. Gil says:

      spam...trip to bahamas or such

    4. Jamar says:

      Just received a phone call from this number 205-313-0983. Guy asked for my husband and when asked him his name he said Dave Tomlinson and refused to tell me what he was calling about. He called last week and it was the same deal. I figured this was another scam-- we've gotten other 205 calls for a scam where they repeatedly call asking for money to pay blind people to make household products. My husband donated one time before he realized it was  a for profit scam and now we get these phone calls all the time.

    5. Giovanni says:

      Constantly trying to get social security # drivers license # and all personal info

    6. Noe says:

      home security scam... claims it cost no money at all but they still ask for debit/credit information

    7. Micheal says:

      Spam, calls and no messages

    8. Gerald says:

      got several calls on my cell without one message being left.

    9. Louie says:

      Quick Cash off colfax in Denver

    10. Berry says:

      When I answered the phone, an automated voice said "Call from... @#%#$%^" It was garbled so I hung up.

    11. Daniel says:

      No idea who they were. Spoke in Spanish

    12. Brandon says:

      get a bunch of calls but i just blocked the number

    13. Rod says:

      I need more people to report them to ftc the federal trade commission at wwe.ftc.gov

    14. Rupert says:

      This ain't a scam! They lent me 1500$ the same way... and i am happy with the terms of the loan as well. Only 225$ extra is what you've got to pay!!

    15. Clemente says:

      how do I file a complaint about a number? I'm on no call list and started getting calls recently from a couple different numbers I don't recognize.