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    1. Cristobal says:

      ridiculous calling several times a day even when I asked to stop

    2. Fernando says:

      The caller, a guy's voice, offered low interest home refinancing loans and first time home loans.

    3. Jean says:

      Got the call from 310-134-5678. Came in as  ' California' which was all I can see on the ID. Didn't pick up, they left a message, a female voice just said goodbye.

    4. Gabriel says:

      I have recieved a call from this number several times, each time I answer it no one is on the other line. When I call it back a recording says it is not a valid number.

    5. Andreas says:

      called yesterday and today - no message

    6. Abel says:

      Same thing, I get this call regularly, I never answer, tried to call it back today and it didnt ring. I think there needs to be a law against institutions whether they be non-profit, charities or bill collectors about blocking their numbers and or spoofing their calling number. this is very irritating.

    7. Antione says:

      They said they were 911 dispatch and had received a hang up phone call from my cell phone and wanted to see if everything was alright. There were two problems with their claim - one, they are in Tazewell VA and I'm in TN. Two, there was no outgoing calls on my cell phone to their number or 911 or anywhere. I regret calling them back, it was just a natural response to the voice mail they left me. However I'm going to report this to our local authorities and my cell phone provider.

    8. Linwood says:

      Trying to sell erectile dysfunction medications. Heavy accent.

    9. Bud says:

      it is a sales pitch.....pls. block!!!!

    10. Brian says:

      We are a business and very busy, we get approx 3-4 phone calls from this number but no one ever answers, it is downright annoying and irritating.

    11. Jewell says:

      Tired of getting this spam.

    12. Billie says:

      They keep calling and don't say anything when we answer. Yesterday, they called 4 times in 3 hours. The last time they called, my husband answered and they said they were from the Racine police association. My husband told them he was busy and couldn't talk to them. I blocked the number on our phone, we'll see if it works.

    13. Ronnie says:

      Someones playin on my phonr

    14. Houston says:

      This number texted me about two hours ago

    15. Ismael says:

      won't leabe me alone and not nice to me