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    1. Lon says:

      Received the call twice but they didn't leave a message. I called back with caller ID turned off and an operator said call could not be completed as dialed. This means they are not honest in their business. No caller ID was listed either, so they do not want you to know who is calling.

    2. Renato says:

      I just got a phone call from these people, they are really good, they come and tell you that they will prosecute you and threat you like you don’t believe, they will ask you for the payment and they will ask you for photocopy of your I’d, call the bank or the person to whom you think you money to before you move one finger.

    3. Johnny says:

      calls and no message. I called back and can't understand what they say, but caught something about furthering my education. I did not solicit this call.

    4. Lesley says:

      I can't even stand these people. They call my work constantly asking for Joe Reyes and that man doesn't work here and I don't think he ever did. The man said it was Instaloans. I get similar calls from what I think are either puppet companies or similar ones, all asking for this same stupid guy. The other day I asked what company they were calling from and they said Fast Cash Now. All of them have a similar accent. Earlier this week I asked to speak with a manager and told him he needs to take Joe Reyes off of whatever call list he has, because they're never going to get through to him this way. I was so angry, I get probably upwards of 30 calls a day from these companies, all asking for Joe Reyes. I was pretty firm with him, and he whined at me that he's "the manager, not just some Tom, Dick or Harry." OK, well get your crap together, manager dude because I shouldn't have to tell you more than once this guy doesn't work here. He wanted to further cry to me about how they're "just doing their job" well, part of your job is keeping your contact database current, you jerk.

    5. Owen says:

      stupid a** recording on my voicemail saying to got to bobsatm.com, over and over again! I literally JUST got this phone number! Then, i go to the dumb website anf this is what came up......I'm pissed!!!!!!!!!

    6. Brett says:

      I was receiving at least 10 calls a day. I called and asked them to take me off of their call list and she was very friendly and said she would take me off of the call list but that it might take up to 72 hours to complete. Here's hoping it works.

    7. Cliff says:

      I received a call from this number and I can only imagine what it is for. I tend to believe it is a spoofed number.

    8. Geoffrey says:

      Yes I did get a text from this person.

    9. Irvin says:

      text msg for a business opportunity that was offensive

    10. Claude says:

      Called at 8PM from THIS number after calling EARLIER (1PM) from 586-473-0001; BOTH had "MICHIGAN CALLER" on Caller ID. BOTH associated with BOGUS so-called 'charities' such as "Breast Cancer Awareness" which SOUNDS legit BUT IT IS NOT. This is a TELEMARKETING SCAM and if you answer their calls or (HEAVEN FORBID) donate ANYTHING to them, they will HOUND YOU FOREVER under the guise of one of SIX different SCAM CHARITIES; they call EVERY SIX MONTHS - or more often for EACH of these SCAMS.

    11. Raleigh says:

      Spam Call!! Ugh stop calling

    12. Jefferson says:

      crooked cop, busting providers

    13. Jospeh says:

      I just got a call from this number and he is a foreigner who I had a hard time understanding, and he said something about the call being recorded, and then he said "you get your electric bill through Common Wealth, is that correct?" And I said, no, I don't and told him not to call here again. I didn't really understand him.

    14. Arnoldo says:

      Call me all the time. I don't owe any dept. I do not pick up any number I dont know so they just keep hanging up.

    15. Waylon says:

      Got a call from this number a few minutes ago, shows up on the Caller ID as "Wireless Caller". Another prerecorded message of this being my last chance to lower my cc rates but that I need to owe at least $3000 in combined cc debt. Also, they've supposedly sent me numerous letters stating the same... bs! I didn't press 1 to speak with a "friendly representative" because I knew I'd get hung up on and would be wasting my breath.