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    1. Jamar says:

      Rec'd call, no message left. Have been receiving a lot of calls on my cell phone from WA numbers. Wondering if 253-245-2701 is related.

    2. Virgil says:

      this individual SAID HE WAS C.STAK FRM MOCO SPACE.....WHAT IS THAT??!?!??!

    3. Guy says:

      I am not able to answer your call Ms. Esqueda.

    4. Reginald says:

      Some debt collector trying to collect a debt that i have disputed several times.  Refused to send me the letter, refused to take phone number off the list.  Threatened me with all kinds of stuff.

    5. Justin says:

      Tried calling the number back and it was busy. They left a message saying "Thank you for your purchase with Victory Records " ????

    6. Pasquale says:

      There are no problems to your account but we maybe able to help you.

    7. Damon says:

      these phone numbered callers keep calling me but I don't know who they are 170-250-9487, 800-644-9064,

    8. Robin says:

      I won a 200 dollar gift card to walmart. Didn't say who. Obvious scam

    9. Monroe says:

      I don't know this no# n their reason for calling.

    10. Micheal says:

      Got a letter say I qualified for two roundtrip airline tickets valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. valued at $1400, which is ironically the same amount stolen from my bank account the day before I got this letter. Called the number - was not an office (two much street noise in the background). Sounded more like her personal cell phone #. She basically told me I had to attend a presentation to get my tickets. I declined quickly then asked her where she got my info. She said it came from previous travel inquiries I had made. That was the end of our conversation. My suspicions were confirmed. It's all a SCAM!!!

    11. Hilario says:

      If you do not want a call from them, call them back and let them know. It is an admissions counselor from the University of Southern California.

    12. Brice says:

      A California elementary school. It's an automated voice that's been calling me for months and doesn't give me an option to opt out. How they got my number Idk. I don't even have kids or live in California

    13. Shon says:

      I just got a call from Peter who told me that Windows had got a message that I was having problems with my computer and had me look at the Event Viewer. He said I had a serious problem and that he was going to transfer me to a technical person who would scan my computer. I asked now I would know that they were really with Windows and he gave me the 209 277 6966 number. When I called they confirmed that Peter was one of their technical folks.

    14. Gino says:

      Exact same problem, also in Ontario, went through the survey finally to talk to someone and said take me off your calling list, operator 83 said she would transfer me to the do not call office and hung up. Fed up!!

    15. Patrick says:

      called and knew my name, then hung up without any message.  I tried to call back and number is constantly busy