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    1. Moises says:

      770-504-5785 name of Austin White is given.  Heavy accent.  He has social security number and address.  He is claiming he will come to the house to collect $200 with 2 of "his men."  Have no idea who this person is.

    2. Richie says:

      Man with accent asking for Deion Harris.

    3. Ferdinand says:

      i have received about 10 calls from this number and they leave messages i only answered once because it was a call to my cell phone, though i have never gave out my number.

    4. Gail says:

      Yes I had one very threatening text. This person threatend myself, my business, as well as my family. I will report this number to the police.

    5. Eric says:

      does anyone know anything about this number. It showed up on my bill for 10 minutes at an international rate. I called qwest they were very helpful and put a credit on my next bill to bring it down to my normal long distance rate but I am still concerned about how this happened. It was mentioned that someone called this number from my number but then was transferred overseas. Any thoughts would be helpful. I know I didn't make the call I was at work. Oh the location information is "SAO TO-SAO T" , Thanks

    6. Stewart says:

      I received a call from this number and no one said any thing.... I call back and they just let it ring!

    7. Mitchell says:

      I got text from this phone

    8. Rusty says:

      You receive text from www.bit.ly/UthvCX & states if you go to this website to fill out questionnaire, you will get a free IPAD from Best Buy. I haven't tried it, but it sounds suspicious.

    9. Arnold says:

      That's funny.. I get less calls.  What you have is scammers,frauds etc using dialer's and those don't recognize any DNC let alone private unlisted numbers. Sooner or later those find you regardless.. and they spoof numbers and are relentless in most cases.

    10. Kent says:

      If you are one of millions of americans living without final

    11. Dino says:

      trying to sell a automobile warranty

    12. Jacob says:

      Stalker crazy annoying phychoatic

    13. Hector says:

      I got the same exact text but around 1 AM

    14. Dan says:

      I had a friend do this they sent the money told to check account in 30min and the 3000 and all money sent will be in the bank account. What does she do now. She has 2babies and need this money!

    15. Denny says:

      Nothing that exciting!  It started out with a guy yelling, "Congratulations!" and I hung up.