907-678 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Vincenzo says:

      have had 4 calls from 128-463-3524 silent call, unknown name on Id.

    2. Caleb says:

      A foreign nasty lady that uses different # to harass u

    3. Bernard says:

      Bothersome Call DO NOT CALL

    4. Salvatore says:

      Is this phone number used in prank calls? thanks..

    5. Reid says:

      called about 5 min ago..never answered as didn't recognize the number...when you see 204 you think manitoba..well whats in manitoba is revenue canada but keep in mind..Revenue Canada has service centres in every province but never answered it.  Too many telemarketers in our life..when you get about 10 calls a week..no wonder people get gunshy when answering unknown name calls...

    6. Jerry says:

      Call without leaving a message.

    7. Saul says:

      This number is not from my contacts keeps calling never leaves voice mail

    8. Wesley says:

      This company called my brother and asked if he was me (I am a female) my brother thought it was a joke because he sounds nothing like a girl and said yes...and they continued with my full SS # and said they were going to file suit against me, stating that I bought an antique car with a credit card.....unbelievable. I was so mad..I called them and they insisted that they spoke with me..and then would not proceed to tell me anything about any debt which is invalid. I got another call and spoke with someone else I asked when this debt was from because I have no debt..it was from 1986...which was resolved a long time ago, the girl on the other line seemed really confused when she read the date and said she will have this looked into and it did not look right. I just got another automated call from Thomas Whittaker.. I called and I got some unprofessional..on the defense rep that when I asked him to tell me what the debt was and how long ago and the amount his only response was...we gave you that information in May..really? how unprofessional. He would not tell me anything so I was not going to waste my time on these people that are less than professional especially when they will not even validate why they are calling me! I am calling back just to get their address so that I can complete my complaint with the FTC and Attorney General.

    9. Loyd says:

      This is the number someone is using to send some spyware

    10. Noel says:

      So my cell rang at about 9:30 am with the number 1603-718-3849 and the word Nashua. I scrambled to answer but missed the call by seconds. less then a minute later the home phone rings. (the unlisted home phone) same number. I said hello and got dead air for a second then a recording. Like a idiot I ...

    11. Conrad says:

      Received call. No message. Researched and came up as potential spam.

    12. Alva says:

      Rent a center in springfield, il on macarther st.

    13. Branden says:

      got a call. a guys voice said is this *********. i replied yes then i herd some typing of keys, then call was ended by them. a total of 23 seconds. call back on same phone i get a busy signal. call back on different phone an automated message says the call can not be completed as dialed.

    14. Leslie says:

      Received a text message from this number last night saying I had won a $1000 gift card from Best Buy.

    15. Shannon says:

      This unfamiliar number sent me a text twice, without a message.