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    1. Ollie says:

      Calls, does not leave message.

    2. Merle says:

      FueIwO <a href="http://laygsxjwmaiu.com/">laygsxjwmaiu</a>

    3. Eddie says:

      Company name is Second Round they are a debt collector that buys old debt

    4. Leslie says:

      I believe this is a scam through Facebook I used to live in Maine so recognize the area code. A few of my friends have been hacked lately via Facebook. Some have traced in the Waterville Maine area!

    5. Benito says:

      The caller stated they were calling from Microsoft, Windows 7 Techinal Support and somone was trying to hack my computer.  Wanted me to go to the computer and he would work with me to get rid of the virus.  I asked what files and I would be glad to delete these files myself.  He refused and I hung up.  A second caller called and said the same thing, he was calling from Microsoft Windows 7 Techinal Support and also wanted me to go to the computer, so he could get rid of hacker files.  I asked again, what files, I would write them down and take care of it myself, he hung up.  I can't believe Microsoft would use a telemarketer to sell their products, they can do this from their own website, so I think it wasn't or had anythingto do with Microsoft.  In all of th4e years I hafve used Microsoft products, I have never received a call from them, unless I made the call first.

    6. Domingo says:

      Same here. Number just called. Did not say anything. Caller ID said Vitelity, Inc.

    7. Felton says:

      No message name unknown and listed number 205

    8. Demarcus says:

      I just got a call too. 7:00pm...I just returned a car to Enterprise...

    9. Lester says:

      I got a call from this number 7/20/11 they left no message. I blocked my number and returned the call. Answering machine picked up. Its an alarm company trying to sell their product!!

    10. Garret says:

      Calls 3 or more times a day, leaves no message.  When called back the number was out of service, which leaves me to believe it was a telemarketer calling from a computer

    11. Fabian says:

      I'm retired so have some free time on my hands. What I try to do is scam the scammers. I do one of two things.

    12. Mary says:

      Caller has thick voice.  Says hello this is Frank Anderson of Legal Investigations.  We have a serious matter.  If you are your lawyer fail to return this call so help you.  I have left numerous messages but you fail to return the call so you must not take this matter serious.  We will tell your workplace, friends,and family what you have done.  There is a case pending against your name and ss#.  Bye and have a blessed day.

    13. Shayne says:


    14. Alexander says:

      Yes, educational center. I've been getting calls for about a week now from Florida numbers all online colleges. I don't get it, I never signed up for any information

    15. Nolan says:

      recieved a call saying it was the NAB and requested my birth details