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    1. Javier says:

      Got the call today...wife said may I ask who is calling and they hung up.

    2. Rich says:

      I was working and the lady said hi

    3. Porter says:

      I just got 1 call but I deleated alot of my contacs today so it could be jus an old friend

    4. Ike says:

      Alan walker was the name the guy with the Indian accent gave me. Said I have a lawsuit against my social security #. Wouldn't tell me who he worked for. When I asked who filed it he told me the USA. He then said he needed my employers information so he could inform my employer of the law suit. Just a scam to get your info

    5. Bertram says:

      No ANSWER NO ANSWER --- hate these people -how do we stop them !!!!!

    6. Jewel says:

      I just got a call from this number and they claim to be Guardian Secuity.

    7. Bryan says:

      spam regarding remortgage citing Obama.

    8. Jerome says:

      got a text today calling me by my name: "Hey **name**, not sure if your good on $$$ but i just made $350 online at www.workhome888.com and its real. -Eric"I dont know anyone named Eric, and this is certainly some kind of scam/spam.

    9. Adalberto says:

      We got two calls from this person @10:48 and 10:50 P. M. We told him to not be calling us as we didn't know him his reply was we should check our number as we had called him previous, which we hadn't he wanted to argue so my husband hung up on him

    10. Keith says:

      i have been seeing this number for the last week and half they want me to send them 200

    11. Kenny says:

      Harassment about financial status

    12. Milton says:

      do not pick up west virginia

    13. Ernie says:

      this is the second time i receive a call from this number harrasing me for an amount of money that i never took, telling me that i was going to be arrested if i dont pay.

    14. Denver says:

      This is a scam, you need to advise your job that you are being scammed and find a way to block their calls from your job!  First they call claiming you have been "successfully approved for a loan of $3000.00, with monthly payment of $140.00 per month".  The least amount is $1000.00 for $68.00 per month payments.  Here's the catch, they want a "security deposit" of $350.00 to show good faith that you can pay back the loan.  The scam, you will never see that loan or any deposit you put down.  Now if you have taken out a legitimate loan and did the paper work on line, they have hacked into this information and are trying to scam you into believing you got the loan from them and defaulted.  IGNORE THEM, REPORT THEM AND BLOCK THEM!

    15. Cordell says:

      I do not have account with this bank but they said my account had been activated and I needed to enter my debit card info including pin... all automated... no option to speak to anyone... definitely a scammer