903-677 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Bo says:

      I received text from above #, yet it says it is not a valid number.?????

    2. Mark says:

      a indian accented man will call claiming he does not need your personal info...But yet wants you to look up a website then from this website connect to another one. Every time I typed in the "other" website my antivirus protector came up saying someone was attempting to hack my computer. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. This is a scam. He tried hard to convince me I had signed up for a free Ipad when in fact I had not. I asked him how he got my number and he continued to lie. This I believe is a spyware and Identity theft attempt.

    3. Christopher says:

      I just received a text from this number at 2:19 am with an advertisement for a car website...ridiculous!

    4. Ezekiel says:

      Received a text stating "you have won a 1000.00 gift card for walmart" reply "stop" to quit. I have received this text number times from diffierent numbers and each time i request "stop"...

    5. Prince says:

      I've had several calls from this number. When I answer, no one talks - a brief delay and then a hangup. When I call the number back - I get a message that this number is not a working number. Please check the number and try again. Message 3 UT01GN

    6. Christoper says:

      This is a scam.  They threaten you with the police or legal action if you don't give them a specified amount of money.  Don't give them any information.  Report them to the police.

    7. Lonnie says:

      told me to go kill myself

    8. Major says:

      They say they are investigating my sac number and are from the FBI. Think Indian accent..yeah right.

    9. Rene says:

      UCLA student calling about donation

    10. Keneth says:

      Elijah Belcher Jr, Owner.

    11. Jewel says:

      Hi, this is Victoria and I'm calling from Survey R C...I have a important message for you....please hold I'm transferring u now.... Also calling from area code (207) and bothering people who are trying to work in private company in CT, multiple times in May 2011.

    12. Kirby says:

      This number calls me all the time, morning, noon and night. I call it back and never get an answer

    13. Andreas says:

      Its silent until you say hello then a recorded voice offers you work from home. Damn solicitors !

    14. Sanford says:

      Don't know who it is bcuz I don't answer unknown callers.

    15. Denny says:

      Called today, let no number nor message...spam garbage.