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  • 903-382-4279
  • 903-382-4280
  • 903-382-4281
  • 903-382-4282
  • 903-382-4283
  • 903-382-4284
  • 903-382-4285
  • 903-382-4286
  • 903-382-4287
  • 903-382-4288
  • 903-382-4289
  • 903-382-4290
  • 903-382-4291
  • 903-382-4292
  • 903-382-4293
  • 903-382-4294
  • 903-382-4295
  • 903-382-4296
  • 903-382-4297
  • 903-382-4298
  • 903-382-4299
  • 903-382-4300
  • 903-382-4301
  • 903-382-4302
  • 903-382-4303
  • 903-382-4304
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    1. August says:

      Also called me on my Cell...and left no message...

    2. Octavio says:

      My favorite Art Gallery called to let me know the piece I have been eyeing is about to drop in price. So personal! Love it!

    3. Nicholas says:

      This number belongs to Closets by Design.

    4. Sherman says:

      Screaming screaming screaming obscenities and threats of lawsuits.  East asian accent.  Said his name was John Smith.  Could maybe understand every 6th word because he sounded like he was vomitting a bag of marbles.

    5. Russell says:

      your a retard you still were a res in VA at the time and therefore owe the taxes think why would they have your social or maybe think and call the state to verify whats going on VA came put liens against wages and bank accounts

    6. Norbert says:

      They keep calling for different people all hours of the day & night.....

    7. Gustavo says:

      Just received a call on my cell phone but I don't answer calls that only show phone numbers. No message was left, therefore, I deem the call to be not legit. Our society is very hep on these things, so why do they waste their time and effort, should put it to more legit uses than this.

    8. Berry says:

      Got a spam text from this number 305-834-5428 about art on youtube. Hate spam!

    9. Byron says:

      text messaged from 888.813.6295 Text reads "In Touch Notice. Please call 302-736-7451.

    10. Seymour says:


    11. Scott says:

      I have been on the do not call list for a long time and update my listing whenever possible, yet this number calls me all the time. I have reported them several times.

    12. Amos says:

      I have fun with telemarketers when they call. I tell them that I don't understand the spoken word, and I can only have verbal conversations if the other party spells EVERYTHING they want to say instead of speaking their words. By the time they are done with H - e-  l-   l- o.  M- y     n -a -  m-  e      i - s      J- o - h - n,  they've usually hung up on me.

    13. Loyd says:

      telemarketer offering some insurance or something. had missed the call, returned it for a recorded message. hung up after 5 seconds.

    14. German says:

      They call everyday and i pick up and hang up right away.

    15. Elvis says:

      got call at 3 am pdt, i screen all calls with my answering machine, they didn't leave a message. phone # looks familiar though, perhaps one of the 50 calls per week i receive (on average) from telemarketers (which includes the ones that don't leave messages on the machine).