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    1. Galen says:

      Out of the blue we started getting 3-5 scam calls a day from various numbers, including this one. Usually a guy/woman with an Indian accent offering us a loan or something similar. When my wife started talking to one of the guys, he started swearing at her and then hung up. 120 is not a real area code.

    2. Blair says:

      got a call from this number, Loren Lee ,about a matter she was surprised was not brought to my attention ...Got a lot of call like this, some more aggressive .never return calls and not planning to.. SCAM!!!

    3. Dwight says:

      Text message: Your Entry Last Month has WON!! goto http://Prizeoutlet.com Follow The Link To Claim Your Free Ipad. when i went to delete it, the phone number dialed, and despite hitting the "switch back to the call" in order to hang up, it wouldn't. Powered off the phone but not before a voicemail or answering machine picked up and wanted me to leave a number.

    4. Raphael says:

      your right he scammed me, please let everyone know he is a scammer

    5. Rodrick says:

      This number calls all day long, there is no person on the other end. Just an incessant beeping.

    6. Cruz says:

      Man ol girl sounded sexy on the phone telln me dont hang up that she would loose her job.. Talkn bout sending me a watch..smh...

    7. Eldon says:

      Spam text received: Need some extra MONEY for the holidays? You can easily get $1,500 today! just visit www.GetHolidaysFunds.com to get started. Write "NO" to cancel

    8. Andy says:

      I have no idea who this number is, but they have called me at least 8 times a day for the past few days. I am one of those people who has a million contacts in my phone. If it doesn't tell me who you are, I don't answer. I you don't leave me a message, I assume it must not be important, and I will not return the call. They haven't left a message. I haven't returned their call.

    9. Elvis says:

      COMPLETE FRAUD AND RUDE. Says he is from a company called ABF and wants money.

    10. Tomas says:

      scam unlicensed irs cheating adult entertainement company ran by ex-cons and drug addicts that will threaten to beat you (as in females) after you are hired by them. chris is violent as well as his drivers and will have them leave you stranded. exclusivesocal@gmail.com 310-749-1476 mattif you or anyone knows where this fake office is please report it to irs Internal Revenue Service, Fresno CA 93888. submit first and last names of owners chris and matthttp://losangeles.backpage.com/AdultJobs/xclusive-ent-is-hiring-female-escorts-make-500-1000-per-night-cash-99/19875162

    11. Rueben says:

      They are attempting ID and PayPal rip off

    12. Pedro says:

      Some school.. Signing up for classes

    13. Ignacio says:

      not sure what blair or mya have to do with her work ethic stop being a hater.

    14. Edwardo says:

      Yes this is some gay asian guy who tried to set up fake hook ups

    15. Marshall says:

      Repeating calls offering free home security system