870-615 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 870-615-8928
  • 870-615-8929
  • 870-615-8930
  • 870-615-8931
  • 870-615-8932
  • 870-615-8933
  • 870-615-8934
  • 870-615-8935
  • 870-615-8936
  • 870-615-8937
  • 870-615-8938
  • 870-615-8939
  • 870-615-8940
  • 870-615-8941
  • 870-615-8942
  • 870-615-8943
  • 870-615-8944
  • 870-615-8945
  • 870-615-8946
  • 870-615-8947
  • 870-615-8948
  • 870-615-8949
  • 870-615-8950
  • 870-615-8951
  • 870-615-8952
  • 870-615-8953
  • 870-615-8954
  • 870-615-8955
  • 870-615-8956
  • 870-615-8957
  • 870-615-8958

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    1. Joshua says:

      I keep getting calls from this number, they never leave a message!  I am in British Columbia.

    2. Emery says:

      315 515 4080.Claimed they were a company called Windows Global IT.Said they were receiving windows error messages form my computer.Had heavy accent hard to understand ---was being coached by someone in the back ground.The phone connection had poor audio quality. I asked for their location---reply11 Wall street, New York. If you beleive that, I have a bridge to sell you.

    3. Angelo says:

      I get the same calls. It's a scam ! I get them back by calling all day and harass the guy. You can tell it's a scam as soon as you stand up to them.

    4. Everette says:

      http://www.aapsonline.org/judicial/telephone.htmList of one and two party consent states. In one party states you can legally record the phone call with out the other parties consent provided they are calling from a one party state also. Record your calls so you have proof when your rights are violated. Proof in a court of law can net you $1000 from a rights violation. Know your rights!

    5. Benton says:

      I was just called recently by this number, and I'm on the Do Not Call Registar list...WTH!?!? I mean seriously I'm not interested in what the heck you are trying to do a sales pitch for!!!

    6. Sam says:

      just got a call on my cell.  didn't leave a message.

    7. Eugene says:

      A guy named "Blake" said I had a vacation gifted to me that I never redeemed. Said my zip code only had 4 digits to it, and that's why I didn't receive it. It's a timeshare sales pitch.

    8. John says:

      I didn't recognize and didn't pickup. The caller didn't leave a message.

    9. Cory says:

      Quit calling my phone .they keep calling my number five or six time day. Thank you

    10. Francis says:

      Dont even allow call to come threw. thanx

    11. Russell says:

      This is an alarm company that trolls all the police reports of major cities looking for phone numbers to sell to. They are selling burglar alarms.

    12. Dario says:

      Lower credit card interest rate.

    13. Sylvester says:

      Ughhh I'm so tired of getting this message!!! All day its been going on.

    14. Christian says:

      I get multiple calls a day from this number..and a Texas number. Both calls started the same day.

    15. Robt says:

      Recorder...company trying to sell some type of Health Insurance