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    1. Joe says:

      These clowns had some nice looking women up at Sam's Club in Gaithersburg one day a year or two ago, and I signed up to get a quote for windows. I confirmed the appointment the night before, but when they called to tell me the quote guy was running late, I told them my son had pink eye or conjunctivitis, and that I wanted them to reschedule. They acted like I was lying because I didn't want to keep the appointment. I told them to come on by, that I didn't care if they came out or not. They never showed, and didn't call back for a month or two. When I told them that they failed to show, failed to call, and that I had purchased windows elsewhere, they were to remove my name from their list. Today (more than a year later) they called again. I didn't answer.

    2. Joan says:

      Calls without leaving a message.  

    3. Jarred says:

      Account services and I am on the fo not call list! Sick of this same company calling me sometimes more than once a day!!@@@

    4. Deshawn says:

      I received a call from 253-292-3646. After some online looking I discovered it was a cell phone number from Tacoma Washington. I could not find more with out paying so I called the number back and it was a bill collector.

    5. Rayford says:

      greg is a great guy he got me for $250. on a green dot money pak  on f350 crew cab

    6. Cole says:

      Life Insurance Sales.  Caller ID look up shows a Global VOIP Provider voxbone sa.  Probably call center in another country.

    7. Quinton says:

      Too many calls from this Political Party!  Tried ignoring them until finally tonight I answered and asked them to remove us from their list.  No doubt an over zealous volunteer who doesn't realize he is not the only caller we are getting from the same entity!

    8. Leonardo says:

      They are First Fidelity, which is also youwager, an on line sportsbook, a bunch of a-holes.

    9. Quinn says:

      Received calls on 4 and 5 April 2013. There was no message left.

    10. Terence says:

      Gambling online is illegal in the US, so I wouldn't expect these guys to care about the do not call list or obeying any other kinds of laws.

    11. Billie says:

      Apparently I won a free walmart gift card. Scam

    12. Stan says:

      I get a call from this number about once a day. I never answer it because I know they'll only call back. This seems to work for most of these harassing numbers but not for this one. I'm keeping a log, and plan to report this number to the FCC and the FTC.

    13. Lonny says:

      Number was sent to me in an email, about a Car I have on Craigslist, number shows it is near Philidelphia, but I have the ad, and live, in Eastern Indiana. Themail is in broken eglish, like the scammers use, and it came from a gmail account. Typical scammer. alasmry1@gmail.com, is the address.

    14. Eduardo says:

      From Syria welcome for everybody

    15. Mohammad says:

      Someone called and pressed me for my name. I would not let up until I found out exactly who was calling.