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    1. Raymon says:

      I received a text to my private cell phone from this number.  The text read "Hi Steve".  I'm wondering how they got my number and knew my name. I asked the sender to identify themself but got no response.

    2. Ryan says:

      Happened to me also.. A week later I got a different scammer that called him self Hope John that tried to scam me thru a pay pal / Craigslist deal... A lot of thieves out there

    3. Genaro says:

      call and ask for someone else then puts your number in spam number to have telemarketing call you

    4. Ellis says:

      So i get this man calling me like a bunch of times through out the day. I dont know how he got my cell phone number so I get letters in the mail and calls with my maiden name.. Anyway, he does not want to give me information and just keeps telling me to face reality and stuff like that. I thought I should share.

    5. Patrick says:

      Caller ID said "DDA." A woman introduced herself as Tisha with AT&T and wanted to make sure we received the "latest phonebook with blue dolphins on the front" I was pretty sure it was a scam and a said I dont know she then asked for my name for her records...I just hung up.

    6. Asa says:

      bill collector, and I don't have a job

    7. Mohammed says:

      Wouldn't tell me who it was.

    8. Glen says:

      Auto insurance robot caller.

    9. Erich says:

      these people at 1133 west leisher are calling city and state agencies and are not supposed to be on disabilty

    10. Josh says:

      I'm so sick of this# calling me, I have no idea who it is.

    11. Miles says:

      Called twice, no answer. Predictive dialer is my bet.

    12. Davis says:

      ex. AGAIN OR courtney clawson

    13. Whitney says:

      Is the owner available.?

    14. Fritz says:

      Dumb s*** called me 6 times at 11pm last night.....said i was a p**sy for not saying who i was....lol....u called me stupid, who the fu*# are you? Left a mesage, and knew exactly what i drove....kinda weird.

    15. Conrad says:

      I get no less than 3 calls a day from this number. No message and on the off chance that I'm at my phone when they do call, I answer, and they hang up or it's just dead air. I've called it back and they seem clueless. I'm going to file a complaint.