870-283 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Brady says:

      This number belongs to NGEN.in

    2. Dorian says:

      keeps calling and I dont like it

    3. Hershel says:

      This number calls several times a day. I even called it back n went through the automated system and entered my number to be removed from the list

    4. Mariano says:

      I got a call on my cell and work number stating that he was a law firm and that the state of california has a case against me, extremely time sensitive, sam wilson is his name, dont disreguard, if you dont return call the only thing i can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you.

    5. Deangelo says:

      Unknown phone number. Didn't leave a voicemail. Called back said number was not of service.

    6. Patrick says:

      Im tired of this people calling me and treating me to get me arrested for money they say I own... It shall be something to do beside reporting this to other people. Some kind of law shall be available to catch this people who r stealing peoples money....we need to do something about this and the bad thing is they use magic jack so there calls cannot be trace....its a law firm but they not wat they say they are.....

    7. Chang says:

      Several times a week, I get a call from Cardmember Services regarding lowering interest rates on my credit cards.

    8. Rashad says:

      Call like twice a day and just hang up! Been calling for months now. Looks like Gazette in dever. Give it up assholes!

    9. Rolando says:

      Have received 3 calls today, same as the previous Sharon listed; there is silence, and then it disconnects.  No messages left on my voice mail.  Maybe they like the name Sharon.  :-/

    10. Adan says:

      This number keeps calling me and will not leave a message.

    11. Chong says:


    12. Irving says:

      Calls than says no one called

    13. Burl says:

      received a missed call at 7:53pm. No massage.

    14. Anthony says:

      Spam/scam. "You've just been Chosen to Win a 1000$ BestBuy Gift card! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://giftsfrombestbuy.mobi and enter 7777 will Recieve it!"

    15. Bruno says:

      WARNING, complete pyscho. He acts normal at first then threates saying he records conversations to incriminate you, he threatens to call the police and expose you or come to you and do physical harm. Thank god it was a hotel and not my home address that he had. His name is WALTER, WORKS AT&T AS A REPAIR MAN