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    1. Benedict says:

      i am very tired of this call to and it seems theres no way to find out who it is.

    2. Mitchell says:

      This number called to make accusations about a hit and run

    3. Lyle says:

      got a call from this number, it is for options/stocks or something, he asked if i had recently signed up for any of that and i said no. so he said sorry, must have been a wrong number.

    4. Jeromy says:

      some one called me looking for jim im not jim just seeing who it was

    5. Leon says:

      Got a text from 267-640-3134, unsolicated. 'Have an amazing Friday in Norristown 6:30 pm text me back to confirm' I ignore any such messages from people I do not know. SPAM message.

    6. Rubin says:

      This person called with an indian accent and said his name was james white. He had my social number, job number and cell phone. The number came up 0000 when he called and he told me call back 209-624-8724. he informed me that there was a lawsuit filed against me. he didnt tell me from who or what it was about. only to retain a lawyer and call the number back. when i called the number back it goes straight to a voicemail box that is full.

    7. Jamison says:

      207-208-8633 keeps calling us at work and hangs up, we are a funeral home and do not need our lines tied up !

    8. Elwood says:

      block all calls private and unknown and all texts.

    9. Wade says:

      At least twice yesterday and 4 times today. They don't say anything. I see the number in the display and "Announcement". The last time they called, I heard a lot of noise in the background.... people talking, being busy. But no answer when I said "Hello". I have a baby and it is very annoying when my phone keeps ringing for no reason.

    10. Everett says:

      Calls arent excepted from this #

    11. Richard says:

      Got a call Wed Sept 7 at 1:27am left a voice mail stating they heard I was looking to make cash money go to website unlimited cash. The call came from California Medesto area. What a scam!

    12. Bret says:

      I received a text that said "did you join letsbring.net i did"I assume its spam.

    13. Percy says:

      Says their from Microsoft and there is a virus on the computer. I offered to give my password and cc number and I thought the guy was going to wet his pants. I didn't of course but did keep him on hold for 10 minutes while I was looking for my wallet!lol

    14. Jeremy says:

      Have no idea who it was and left no voicemail :(

    15. Duncan says:

      Robo-call offering free diabetic testing kit if you had medicare. "Stay on line for our rep..." I did to ask to be removed from list -- the woman, "Lemore" said a curse word and hung up. I called back and a recorded voice said "press 1 if you do not wish to receive calls -- will take 72 hours." I guess we'll see if that worked. Clearly a "front" number for mass marketers.