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    1. Stan says:

      I just got a call from these people.  I could barely here or understand the message on my cell phone so i called the number and could barely understand the person on the other line so I hung up.  I don't even live in CA so how I could be involved in anything out there would be impossible.

    2. Lyndon says:

      In all fairness to that dog and that amazing bomb he was dropping, there is no way someone could text something "equally as cool."

    3. Arden says:

      yup i got these and they were pretty graphic!

    4. Hobert says:

      Just got a call from this number, and because I have relatives in this area code, I automatically answer in case someone got a new cell or something. As with others, no one on the line, no recording, nothing. Because others have experience with this number, I have blocked it with my new phone that has that ability. Since the DNC list doesn't really work, I recommend people check into some of the cool home phones from Panasonic by looking at their site. I've used their phones ever since the first one I found with talking caller ID (which of course isn't much help for these spoof numbers that just say "out of area" or something), but the latest one has this blocking technology on it, so I'm looking forward to stopping the rings from at least some of these idiots.

    5. Jarvis says:

      Robo call identified as being from Grow Financial and that my debit card was locked, "press 1 to speak with a representative". I do not have such an account; spam!

    6. Reuben says:

      3096420532, steve from peoria area, works for pmp chemical, steve is a very dangerous person - STAY AWAY from him. steve's number is 3096420532, stay away from him.

    7. Hilario says:

      I don't know & they didn't say anything

    8. Sammie says:

      Payday lender tempting to qualify me for a loan I did not ask for.

    9. Augustus says:

      A headhunter calls from this number.

    10. Jamison says:

      right! if companies took responsibility for how they make credit accounts or loans to individuals then they wouldn't look to ruin someone's life after they've sold them a bad decision. i say saving the auto industry is good. let the credit and loan companies burn in hell!

    11. Danilo says:

      Nonesence!! Advertising and annoying...

    12. Arlie says:

      didn't answer it, but since I have free calling, I called it back and you just get a recording saying this number is not in service.

    13. Chester says:

      They call n not sayin who it is

    14. Stefan says:

      Calls repeatedly, almost daily, sometimes one right after another. Sounds like a bill collector. The amount of calls I get from this number are borderline harassment.

    15. Antonio says:

      I got the same message via SMS.  I'd love to know what actually happens when you call.