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    1. Ollie says:

      Called at 6:20 PM today on my cell. If he doesn't calm down he's gonna blow a gasket. Bob's ATM indeed.

    2. Steven says:

      golden valley health center

    3. Adolfo says:

      says michigan  call -  who is this - if I don't know who it is I don't pick it up

    4. Donte says:

      Received a text message claiming to be from bestbuy and it said I won a $1,000 gift card with my last entry. I have never entered anything with this company.

    5. Erik says:

      Scam Bill Collection Agency called M. Callahan & Associates. They will claim a civil case has been made against you. If you haven't been served with papers from an officer of the court, then no, you haven't. Ask for proof of the debt in writing, and ask where your court summons is. They hang up on people who know their rights and who know when they're being scammed.

    6. Arden says:

      A caller claimed he was an IRS investigator.  Similar to To the other stories. Am reporting this to police to investigate.

    7. Greg says:

      I don't want to see when they text or call

    8. Jospeh says:

      .Same as below: RECORDED SURVEY. Whistle blows, "This is your Captain ..." then 10 question automated survey. After a rep confirms your NAME, ZIP & PH# ONLY. Then they say to go to www.surveycruise.com, type in your Name, Zip & PH#. Yet when I did that it does NOT take my info and send you to: "We see you are having technical difficulties. Please fill out the information below and click Send." Where they NOW want your NAME, EMAIL & PH#. With These options to check off: * I would like to register to take future surveys * I've taken a survey and have questions. * Remove my number from the research list. * Login Trouble * Other The Live rep at end of survey said "a travel specialist will contact you for further information". THIS DOES NOT SIT WELL WITH ME - THE LAST THING I NEED IS TELEMARKETERS CALLING MY CELL # !!!!!

    9. Wallace says:

      This guy called and asked if i was interested in making extra money because i had sighned up online line and i told him i didnt and he said"well your probably right".What is up with that and how did he get my #???

    10. Lonny says:

      Stop calling 512-252-2674 looking for someone named raymond. My name is Jonathan Stauber and i own the number above that is called relentlessly looking for someone i have never heard of. Stop Calling My Business

    11. Garret says:

      Wrong number early in the morning. and call again for further harassment

    12. Philip says:

      Calls every day between 9 and 11. never answers.

    13. Arnoldo says:

      Kept getting chain mail picture text messages fromm this number and when i opened it i got a virus witch wiped out my phones signal locating programming!

    14. Kendrick says:

      Got a call, ignored it, no message.

    15. Ivan says:

      I  keep grtting calls from this number  248-381-7000,I have repeatily told them do not call again,hang up & not 1 1 minute later they call back,both on my cell phone & my home phone..