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    1. Cyrus says:

      It was some online school. They asked for me and once I confirmed it was me they said they wanted to make sure they had the correct info to mail some info to me. I then said no thanks and hung up

    2. Elisha says:

      When I send picture messages, it says that they are sent from this number, instead of my own number.

    3. Palmer says:

      txt offering a free ipad /

    4. Lee says:

      Having gotten these calls, I spoke with my attorney who said thta this is fishy. They told me too it was a bad check from 2007 and that it was from xyz company. I called them and they have no clue about it. I said I would pay if I owe and they wouldn't even take my payment. Totally illegal!

    5. Diego says:

      Received two messages regarding winning a free gift card.

    6. Marc says:

      They just keep calling my house everyday. Caller ID says Wireless Caller, but sounds like a weird credit card phone scam. They won't stop calling even when asked. :(

    7. Phillip says:

      Its not apple... its a fishing scam

    8. Rudy says:

      That's exactly the same with me too.

    9. Keenan says:

      Been getting this all week. I entered it into my contact log and now when they call it is automatically forwarded to another telemarketer that regularly calls. Let them call each other. Since my cell phone carrier does not allow calls to be blocked I may as well have some fun with them as I have unlimited minutes. I also forward some of their calls back to them so all they get when they call themselves is a busy signal.

    10. Saul says:

      Calls several timed a day never leaves a message

    11. Paul says:

      They wanted to offer me a cash loan but didn't pronounce my name correctly and had a foreign accent

    12. Leonardo says:

      Just calls and doesn't leave a message

    13. Renato says:

      smishing scam saying you won a target gift card

    14. Armando says:

      She is a scamer don't pay or give your credit card or master card or vissa card details if fraudulent she said her name is maya

    15. Ismael says:

      The man's name is Marcus and he said he is from the National Enquirer Magazine who called today. I had renewed my National Enquirer months ago  and told them I will make payments in 4 installments. Today  Marcus said it could be only done through the checking account. I told him I can not do that that I had already made arrangements with National Enquirer to send me bills. He got very nasty and threatened me at 2:18 today. Says he is reporting me to a collection agency.I am reporting them to the police, National Enquirer and cancelling my subscription if this is the type of people they have working for their company