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    1. Burl says:

      Calls several times a day, but never leaves a message.  Caller ID says "Sandra Pierce"

    2. Leland says:

      Another one of these off-shore scams who try to put malware on your computer and then charge you to "fix it" Best to block the number on your phone if you can.

    3. Melvin says:

      Sorry, i meant to say that i'm NOT a rich person as i know most people aren't. I can't afford to have some schmuck steeling $90 from me.

    4. Tracy says:

      I've heard if you answer - they mark your number as a valid number and sell it to other companies.

    5. Leonel says:

      Constantly calls, doesn't leave a message

    6. Devon says:

      Online college, helpful if you're ready

    7. Johnny says:

      Trying to work on buget so when can i count on getting that money

    8. Teddy says:

      I myself have received this harrasing calls from this number. This Hindu/Indian guys says that there is a lawsuit against me and how would I take care of it. And then he hangs up and calls again and he sort of laughs and says my name Aleyda how are you takin care of it and I said motha fudger if you dont stop calling me lets see who gets a lawsuit filed againts them for real. He said no need for that goodbye.

    9. Deshawn says:

      YES, I Did get a call or a text from this number ! But I'm a safelink wireless customer in the U.S.A. Down in Miami, Florida & I recieved a text to my cell phone to enter code : FREE305 at " www.walmart.com.wxyr.biz " to get my $1,000.00 (USD) Walmart Giftcard because I have been selected to recieve 1 of 121 Giftcards Left !! And I recieved it from the telephone number : # 1-305-498-4935 at 4:54 PM - Eastern Standard Time !!! And if this is Legit I'm just trying to collect my giftcard ?

    10. Thanh says:

      got a tx in reply to craigslist add i posted. said he wated the item shipped to africa. scammer!!!

    11. Joey says:

      Sales looking for a home in my area for a free security system..Another number to file complaints to the fcc and dnc violations with.

    12. Lucius says:

      recieved a text from this number

    13. Devon says:

      Keeps asking about cart loan

    14. Carey says:

      I received about 10 text messages today pertaining to having had sex, or wanting to have sex with me

    15. George says:

      Collectively, we can stop this. These scammers rely on some tiny percentage that will "go for the bait." This guy, "Rob," admits he doesn't care if a number is on the Do Not Call Registry!!! Rob's voice mail is reachable at 586 623-5523 Or call the original number: 1 248 630-4335 (press 0 for vm.) I suggest we call this number and leave polite messages asking for a return call. When Rob calls back, express your frustration.