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    1. Howard says:

      Calls late at night but does not leave message

    2. Dana says:

      Constantly calling and hanging up.

    3. Lawrence says:

      It's T-Mobile. Someone used your phone number in a reference for their T-Mobile account, and now T-Mobile is looking for them by calling you.

    4. Todd says:

      No clue but continues to call

    5. Ricky says:

      I dnt know who they are. They keep saying I won a sweepstakes and dnt want them calling me any longer

    6. Hassan says:

      Annoying research company

    7. Tomas says:

      Receiving calls about twice a day with just a hang up.

    8. Antione says:

      Got a text from this number which said: "Congratulations, WALMART Shopper! You have won a $1000 Reward Card in our weekly program at www.VcardDirect.com - (Rply 'OUT' to-end)"I think I will find a better way to end this as I don't trust messaging back.

    9. Mauricio says:

      Black guy calling talking about, wait, wishing he had 11 inches. What grown man have to call and talk about their size. In my experience, only those who aint working with nothing and their fantasy is to be bigger. Sad, what a sad generation of men we have. Especially black ones. Smdh

    10. Emery says:

      Has called two or three times & and does not leave a msg. This number appears w/the name "Chelsea Neal."

    11. Ruben says:

      Playin on phone no response when answered

    12. German says:

      This is a spam. They wrote me via text: "It's true! We are giving away iPad2's to the first 1000 mobilbe users that go to http://cellprizesnow.com enter the code **** to qualify". These are annoying messages and most likely scams.

    13. Kory says:

      Get a call every day from this number.  I run around looking for phone and then when I answer there is no one there.  How do you get off the list if there is no one to even tell to never call you back?

    14. Ellsworth says:

      The amount of calls I was getting was so unreasonable I was so relieved after I found a way to stop them so I'd like to share it to save you all the hassle. It's a do not call request service at 866-246-7196 for a small number of companies that call consumers. I gave them the caller's phone number which they verified 224-255-3379 on their list and then added my receiving phone number to the do not call list.

    15. Marvin says:

      This number calls me 4-5 times a week. When I answer they hang up