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    1. Faustino says:

      Scam at its finest. I did not answer but they did leave a voicemail, persons name was “Ashley” did not say any company. Went on about how I talked with her about lowering my interest rates on my credit cards and to give her a call back. This is a classic scam to get your information, they will try and get as much information form you as possible when you call them back or talk with them. Be careful, SPAM

    2. Robt says:

      I got this notice from Diabetes Health Network .They are aware of the situation and the misuse of your name

    3. Burt says:

      I received a call from that number twice this week, but they didn't leave a message.

    4. Alvaro says:

      they keep txting me and wont tell me who they are

    5. Hai says:

      Silence no message left,Called at 7:30 pm Central time

    6. Margarito says:

      I received a phone call from this number.  The gentleman stated his name was John Fredrick~please no man with an arabic accent has a name of John Fredrick.  He told me that he had time sensitive information for me and that I needed to provide my lawyer's information.  Ha, well sadly this isn't the first phone call like this.  Told him that he isn't pulling the wool over my eyes and that I will not give him my credit card informtation and that I had already talked to his supervisor and advised him that I had already filed a complaint with the FCC, the Better Business Bureau and also filed many other complaints in references to their calls.  Not only are they calling my cell and place of employment they are also calling my boyfriend's phone number as well!  I just want to know how to get them to stop.  I called them at their own game but still am getting calls...now I guess I will have to be my own attorney or maybe the local police department so that I can get them off my back to stop calling!!! Any other suggestions?

    7. Renato says:

      'Denzel' you missed their smelly and rancid foot odor!!!

    8. Elwood says:

      ps I am also T-Mobile customer

    9. Aaron says:

      They called and I didn't answered the call at that time.  I called back from the caller ID and the lady who answered said what number are you calling from.  I asked her who DCS Inc was and she said she couldn't tell me, then demanded I tell her my name.  I told I would do that when hell freeze over, then hung up.  Then they called back 3 times in a roll, on the third time I blew a whistle into the phone, I haven't heard from them since.

    10. Colton says:

      Dey cawd me. Is dey wawntn my muny?

    11. Javier says:

      Recording about a home security system.

    12. Theo says:

      called and hung up on me acouple times.

    13. Nolan says:

      I recieved a letter from Pushpin Holdings LLC demanding over Five thousand dollars for equipment I supposedly leased. When I called them I was automatically sent to voicemail. I left them a message explaining I had never leased anything "ever" and if I had I would've used my "legal name" and not a nickname, they also had my physical address wrong. I never recieved a call back. As I thought, they are a fraud! I will be reporting them to my local attorney generals office. It's time for the crooks to get a real job!

    14. Jame says:

      Caller ID says Discount Assist. Same as 347-502-2556, which says Fed Assist. Comes from Queens, NY or Nwyrcyzn11, NY. Could be RCN.

    15. Kenny says:

      They call and a computer will say my name and it will ask me to press 1 if it's me, I think they are saying something about a business oportunity or some scam, i just hang up!