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    1. Reyes says:

      He's not the same when he drink

    2. Louie says:

      Agen this thing is calling me...

    3. Len says:

      some cruise spam and phishing

    4. Luigi says:

      Said I'd entered and won $50 Walmart gift card and $200 in gas cards. I've never entered anything like this.

    5. Stanton says:

      I get calls from this number almost daily guaranteeing me to be first on Google when someone does a search in Santa Fe, NM.  When the recording says punch 1 to take to someone, or punch 9 to be removed from our list - I punched 9 each call for the first month, then seeing it did not good, I just hang up when I get the calls.

    6. Greg says:

      Calls twice a day to sell things no

    7. Clay says:

      Said he was sending me a cashier check in the mail from the bank (weird) check never showed up but keeps pestering me that it should be there soon, etc. won't leave me alone now. And texts at random late night hours just to say hi...

    8. Isreal says:

      calls several times a day - always ask for a diferent name. Sometimes I answer and they say they have the wrong number BEFORE asking for someone!

    9. Dominic says:

      They didn't say anything.. like an autonated dialer checking to see when I pick up

    10. Sammie says:

      I got a call from this number at 8:12 am. The call is a spambot. The location is Syracuse, NY. if you try to call back (to get your number removed) it says 'unable to complete your call'. Spambot left a message -- Holiday loan scam. Website is www.holidaylenders.com which then shows a number in Las Vegas -- (773) 430-5329. When you call THAT number is says '# no longer in service'. So there is no way to get on the Do Not Call list. Don't answer your phone when you see this number!

    11. Guillermo says:

      Got a call from Texas State several times under this number but no one left a message.

    12. Gayle says:

      When I anwsered it instantly disconected the call.

    13. Don says:

      Received a text advising me to go to Bestbuywinning.com to collect $1000 gift card

    14. Dick says:

      I applied online for a loan to purchase a new car. I received a call from this number. Sh said she was calling on behalf of my loan application. She said I was pre approved for $10,000. I told her I didn't need that kind of money . I was buying a car. She said I could spend the money anyway I wanted to. I said ok . Then she wanted me to go to walgreens and get something called a green dot card. I was suoopst to put $400 on it. The would run the car to see if the money was there . Then they would give it back by applying it toward my payment. My red flags went off. She called me back every 10 min . I used reverse phone directory to find out she was calling from a prepaid cell phone at some little Hoyle room in Beaver Dam Kentucky. She also had a thick Hispanic accent.

    15. Tyler says:

      I just got a call from them also, with no voicemail.