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    1. Miquel says:

      Did not Leave message, however calls several times a day

    2. Clifford says:

      I got this too claiming he was from Transworld Debt Collection. Really? If that is the case, how come I never got anything from him? I check my credit report and no collection agency by that name. This is criminal if this person/company is trying to get information over the phone to rip people off. How sad!

    3. Connie says:


    4. Issac says:

      This # is a win a trip to Bahamas. Talked to someone and she wouln't let me keep talking to tell . them not interested.......she gave me such a bad attitude while I was trying to tell not interested and I said Please take me off the list ......and don't call me from this # again I said thanks and she just hung up.....They are rude and not sure If this trip Is real (Don't be a sucker into this scam). Hope this helps

    5. Von says:

      Mortgage saving center with ppl who can't speak english

    6. Dustin says:

      don't want that # to text me

    7. Robby says:

      They are really rude and disrespectful

    8. Joshua says:

      I received a call from this number and the person knows what county I live in. He is taking a survey and didn't give me a chance to even ask who he was. I told him I was busy and he said he would call back. 3 times so far today.

    9. Solomon says:

      Credit card telemarketer.

    10. Clifton says:

      Some guy from a out of country pharmacy about discounts drugs

    11. Son says:

      this number is a 100 dollars, and a b***job.

    12. Porter says:

      who is calling from this phone number 140-926-0077

    13. Clair says:

      Just got a call from this number - the representative started by saying that it is not a sales call, then began her schtik of working for the "American Power Association" and they are scheduling appointments for technitions to come out to the house, evaluate power usage and try to qualify me for a $3,800 government tax credit.  She said it was a free service and when I asked how, if free, are they funded, she said that they are paid for by alternative power companies.  After further asking about a legitimate website to research her company or the association she represented, she said they did not have one and got defensive.  How is it that someone who is offering a free "public" service is not going to be able to substantiate their information and get abrasive over the phone.  As if I, or anyone else, would ever let someone bully a "technition" into my home to provide me with a "free" service.  yea right.

    14. Jacques says:


    15. Chauncey says:

      We have a recording for ... If this is them press 1