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    1. Michale says:

      Rec'd call from 207-496-2039 8/04/11 caller ID showed unavailable no one said anything then phone went to busy signal.

    2. Armand says:

      I keep getting calls from this number and no one is there - some days it is one after another. I have tried calling back - but no answer and no voice message system. If someone know who this is please let me know!

    3. Delmar says:

      i got a call from my friend i think he was in some jeil in nc i need to know were he was or tell me how to contac wit him

    4. Evan says:

      same but a guy answered for me but wouldnt say who he was.

    5. Alan says:

      Call came in on my cell phone. Only rang a few times and didn't pick up. No message left. Idiots!

    6. Lonnie says:

      They keep calling almost everyday. You answer and they hang up. I had requested them not to call me. Why are they still bothering us?

    7. Jeffrey says:

      if you did want to go to dis school they will make u change ur mine Forreal they call to much damn

    8. Caleb says:

      called me at 4am come on n when text back to see who was it no answer and when call back it ws some crazy music on..get alife people why called at 4am

    9. Minh says:

      I received the same person calling me from this number BUT they said they were in the Automotive business, and gave me their business name, that does not exist. I assume its a total scam... a fishing expedition of sorts.

    10. Justin says:

      she is my ex and keeps calling me and the cop send block her

    11. Ariel says:

      The voice/accent you all describe sounds familiar, name given as Victoria Watson.  Calling from "Province of Ontario Business Development Branch".  I guess they match the state/province to the area where they're calling to.  Only once so far, Dec. 9/08.  Calling re: moving our location.

    12. Claudio says:

      I called back the company states loss centric

    13. Kirby says:

      Same partial number called my cell today about an hour ago.  I missed the call and there was no message.

    14. Bo says:

      Second time this # has woken me up in the early am. I asked them to remove my # from thier calling list and evidently they have not.

    15. Jeffry says:

      This is a POS scumbag with autodial pestering the hell out of America. Is anyone ready to form a nationwide coalition to help find, identify and bring these ignorant pests to legal justice? We can all share in a class action law suit?