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    1. Waylon says:

      i reported him just now  go to FCC.gov and follow the prompts it reports the moron and gives u a registration to stop the unwanted calls

    2. Quincy says:

      Scammer - Debt negotiations.

    3. Lynn says:

      I'm in Atlanta and just got a missed call. Any idea who it is?

    4. Vince says:

      Sears man just came to my house on Friday to fix my refrigerator.  They told me if I didn't fill out survey online with the card they gave me they would definitely call me.  Guess they did.

    5. William says:

      This number called today but nobody said anything, then the line went dead after 4 seconds.

    6. Neville says:

      It was a call about insurance. I spamed this number before. I told them I already have insurance, so please stop calling.

    7. Loren says:

      tied of. them. calling. me

    8. Son says:

      I just got a message frm the same lady stating the same exact thing.  I also expereinced a similar situation a few years ago at a different job.  Scary thing is they had al my informaiton.. SS#, Bank acct # , etc.. but whenI confronted them that this was a scam I did not hear back from them.  I found out later that all my data on my home mortgage loan with COuntry Wide Bank was sold by a higher up manager to a third party.  Nice!  So now my info is out there.

    9. Gregg says:

      A highschool calling about my unborn kid's open house

    10. Adrian says:

      Telemarketing call trying to offer me magazines. WCA clearinghouse.

    11. Ian says:

      calls often---no message left

    12. Clyde says:

      Have called me 7 times.  Left undistinguishable messages.  If I hang up on them they phone right back.  Most commonly 3 times in a row at odd hours.

    13. Boyce says:

      Keep calling answer texting me

    14. Jeramy says:

      Getting texts for my exhusbands direct tv bill not paid for four months at first i answered and tried to give them his number where they could reach him but they insist this is his number. So i installed this number blocker and this will be the last time my phone will ring when they call !!!!

    15. Werner says:

      Got a call early in the morn, did not answer, called the number back and the call "could not be completed as dialed"....... there is limited info on this number when I search it out.... I am behind on a credit card bill and I suspect that the collection agency/agencies are releasing my number and information to their fellow scammers. PS! never pay any money to a collection agency!, they are mostly hackers and ex-cons! (granted, there may be a few exceptions, but they are exceptions,...... I stand by my generalization!) whenever those guys get your information they will clean you out!