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    1. Dwain says:

      They are trying to find fax machines to send spam.

    2. Sammie says:

      Do not show text messaging

    3. Erin says:

      Same here.  Lot's of calls but just hangups.

    4. Renato says:

      Google website harassment goon. This number is used when they are mad at you.

    5. Gregg says:

      Stop calling T-Mobile I've never had your service!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Carmen says:

      started texting me around 1am asking me to come over. pulled my number off business website. this lady knows i am a happy married man. think she was on drugs. laughed, joked with her for a few and blocked her number.

    7. Dick says:

      this number called. didn't leave message. 0945 20 July 2011

    8. Rupert says:

      this number calls and when we answer they hang up

    9. Randolph says:

      This person and I sent emails back and forth due to the face that i was job searching and she said her name was Suzette Marquette wanted me to deposit a check into my account in a large amount and i was to take 600. of that to keep for myself. I havent received the check yet but I am glad I looked her up via google and other search engines. No such person exist except a 50 yr old chef and she claimed to be a lawyer. putting this on here for other people to be cautious of it.

    10. Charles says:

      I have gotten at least 8 calls in the after noon and at least 4 calls at night. I have also received 2 calls at 3 a.m from this number. Please if possible help me from getting them from calling.

    11. Erick says:

      8/11 9:55 ID is Dist of Columbi and no message.  Do know someone in that area, but would have left message.  Last time I started getting calls from DC turned out to be a senator's aide from some state that than where I am and eventually get them to desist once it was determined they were accidentally hitting automatic dial!!!

    12. Fernando says:

      Texted me: "Hi I'm Karen, Jackie's mom, call me, don't tell Jackie". Received 2x's now. Deleted as Spam/phishing.

    13. Parker says:

      I rev'd 3 calls right in a row & then the 3rd time they left a mess it a someone from another country telling me they are some investigatation going on & I am to call them right away. I have had this call before from another number & when you call back the person is very threating & states that if you do not pay them right away they will notify your job & have you fired. Also they want your bank information This is a Scam & do not even call them back. If they keep calling you then report them to the police.

    14. Lee says:

      It only rang once and then they hung up, very annoying.

    15. Demetrius says:

      Got the following text message "I discovered something that might interest you".  I clicked on MENU then REPORT AS SPAM!!!!!!!! Now I will BLOCK USER!!!!!