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    1. Arnold says:

      140-855-5534...I received weird caller in this number around 12:40 am...weird no answer.

    2. Rodrick says:

      Free airline tickets some BS websiteconnected to a text message

    3. Abraham says:

      Started getting calls from this number...I don't recognize it on caller id so I let it go to message..Of course these idiots do not leave message....Even though I am listed for the DO Not Call Reg...these types of callers are getting around that....

    4. Eric says:

      keeps calling and leaving voicemails that just say hey

    5. Stacey says:

      Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it!

    6. Wayne says:

      Goldline. Not spam - was offered the call and accepted in advance.

    7. Mark says:

      Calling and asking me for my personal information.

    8. Conrad says:

      Искания:Парични ''заеми''и лични подаръци :25 000$ за да напусне мафията за която работи.$14 000 за спешна операция на коляно за майка му,$5 000 по неназована спешност за сестра му, $7,252.00 за часовник ''Омега''(Omega Olympic Seamaster Planet Ocean watch) $ 5,000.00 за колата му,IPAD, 2 x Слънчеви очила Prada ,слънчеви очила Армани,система за домашно кино Bose,дрехи Addidas,телевизор с плосък екран Panasonic,кола,кафяво кожено яке Harley-Davidson.Искал е Диана да ръководи банковата сметка на плувния отбор на който е бил треньор.

    9. Harrison says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!I'm so sick and tired of these unwanted call, how do you block them? who can you call, I'm about to change my number, Hopefully that will

    10. Jamel says:

      hi this number is using very abuse lanluage with me  please tell me her name and all information On this email address qazi.sheraz@yahoo.com

    11. Sammie says:

      I have gotten 2 calls from this number to my cell phone. When I picked up the phone no one said anything. It goes dead after a couple seconds. No texts. Calls are in the evening too.

    12. Andre says:

      Just now got a call from this number, no one said anything so I hung up. I will not answer it again. This is my cell phone they called ams I have had this number for only 4 months now. When I had a different cell provider and number they had called that also back in October 2009

    13. Galen says:


    14. Benjamin says:

      Same thing happen to me today from the same number and when I cakled back a Tony Anderson proceeded to give me info on a bank account I had in 07 and the business we owned in 07 ans then I told him my husband is a law enforcement office which is truly is and he startes to act irritated and then while I was on the phone my husband googled the # and Tonya Anderson and it pulled up scam and I asked him " Answer me this....why is your name and # pulling up as scam? " and he immediately starting calling me horrible names and telling me my husband was a pig and a M........F......

    15. Gerard says:

      I received a call from this number this afternoon.  It was a taped message about a Home Security System. I hung-up.   They called again a few hours later. I did not answer, as I recognized the number.