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    1. Rodolfo says:

      got a txt. they asked to call back

    2. Gavin says:

      Absolute Roofing of South West Florida12825 Collier Boulevard Naples, FL 34116phone: (239) 774-2400www.absoluteroofingfla.netOur company specializing in high wind roofing applications offering extended manufacturer warranties in Naples, FL since 1995.Flat Roofing, Roofing Contractor, Roof Repair, Roofing, Metal Roofing

    3. Shawn says:

      I have been receiving calls from this number for over a week now.

    4. Chong says:

      These people are trying to sell insurance

    5. Julian says:

      yes i did dey r playing pranks on me an dey don stop calling me.... i need to noe who it is exacly..

    6. Randy says:

      This number called me a few days ago but I didn't answer and then looked on here and am glad I didn't. They called back from a different number just now 213-550-4678 and only left a partial message with same BS about calling them back or a complaint will be filed. This the second company to try this tactic with me in about 3 months. I got the last one to quit calling after she cussed me out cause I wouldn't give my info and pay. So I cussed her out and told her never to call again or I was going to the cops.

    7. Stephen says:

      call on my cell, did recognize number, don't answer, sounds like a wise move........

    8. Sherman says:

      I got a message from this number saying I won a $1000 gift card for Best Buy?

    9. Edmundo says:

      I received this exact call and on the news that night it was revealed that it is a scam.  If you press 1 then you are connected to someone that is verifying your personal information and then they take it and use it for fradulent purposes.

    10. Darwin says:

      I dont want them calling.

    11. Wayne says:

      I'm sure they'll get the message since you put it here.

    12. Colton says:

      I used *67 256 906 0827 to call back to this number and it answered with a Charter Communications message saying their office was closed on Sundays and to call back during weekday hours. I do have charter internet service and wonder if this is an automated telemarketing payment reminder or a service call survey? (Had charter out for internet service about the time this started. Will call back this week to find out.

    13. Vince says:

      No message left, just the number with 3 seconds of nothing.

    14. Deandre says:

      I received two calls from the "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" asking what my bra size was. Information that I didn’t care to share especially at 1130 at night. I called back and left a voice mail for Emily since who ever placed the call wouldn’t answer.

    15. Brock says:

      Sent my phone a text message saying I needed to call the CIA number, which, according to snopes.com is a virus. I don't know how it got my phone number and who this is.