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    1. Jarvis says:

      Hi, Please don't send text to me or anyone else

    2. Wayne says:

      They said the dmv says im overpaying for auto insurance

    3. Josue says:

      Got this call, didn't answer, no message.

    4. Patrick says:

      you can't text or call this number!!!!

    5. Rick says:

      called I didn't know the number so I didn't answer it. No idea who it is! Turned the number over to mr number

    6. Rich says:

      I said hello and no answer

    7. Millard says:

      No one there when u pick up.

    8. Stephan says:

      Called my cell phone 10:30 this morning. Did not answer.

    9. Lyndon says:

      called and left no message. would like to know who this is.

    10. Alfonso says:

      Since 3/7/11m I can't get a problem resolved. I have spent 3 hrs on the phone, put on hold for an mgr. 45 minutes later, a dial tone. Then calls from this # they want start all over with issue I've had, charging me & another CC holder for the same res and they won't help to fix. they don't understand that I have not been charged 2X, they charged 2 different CC holders for the same res. I've called a local # try and it rolls to a # in India, I've been told a mgr would call me, no mgr has EVER called. the hotels rates are cheaper than Expedia. It's a major chain? The rate w/ Expedia $89. tell you the rate is limited. The hotel's rate, w/b-fast $74.99. I've even tried to contact the Pres expedia. I have never heard back. Taking advantage of customers. Why they employee American's that might know what the're doing? I thought Expedia was an American Company? I'll never use them again nor will I allow anyone in my company to use Expedia.com/India.

    11. Tyler says:

      Iv'e gotten numerous calls from them. whoever this is anyway. about 3 to4 times a day and everyday since about the 7th of march. i'll ivestigate it best i can

    12. Ian says:

      Caller ID said Detroit Lakes - I have signed up for Opt-out and should not be receiving these calls. Thanks.

    13. Charley says:

      I was called from am unknown number stating I had a grant for housing that I was approved for. I called the number I was given to call. First I google searched the number and found out it was a scam so I called and told them to take my number off anything they had it on and the guy just said f*** you you dirty bi***. Enough said

    14. Olen says:

      Idiots can't even say my name right

    15. Willie says:

      calling to 916 419 1788 eraly morening , late night...annoying sleeping individuals