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    1. Jasper says:

      They called and I said "hello, hello hello" and nobody answered....finally call cut off.  I tried calling back and got a message that said "you have called a number that is not yet in service".

    2. Roland says:

      over the last two weeks I have gotten a call from this number I have caller id so I know it is this number. The phone rings at least 20 times. I sometimes get more than one call in the evening. i did pick up the line once and advised the party on the other end that i didn't want what they were selling and told them not to call back. I just got another call from this same number a few minutes ago. Does anyone know who we can report this too

    3. Chadwick says:

      This is a West Virginia area code. And the tracker says she's close to Charleston, let's go get her!!!!!!

    4. Isiah says:

      They keep sending me sexual texts an calling mu phone all times of the night

    5. Wes says:

      "I just reviewed your resume. If you're still looking for work in the Marketing field, please call me at 888-257-1638."

    6. Williams says:

      This number keeps calling severa times an hour. Never leaves a message And I have answered and yelled to stop calling but they don't. I don't think Anyone is actually there when ya answer. They really need to STOP IT!!! Or I am going to file more than just a complaint.....lawsuits for aggravation Is ...

    7. Chung says:

      hangs up when I answer. been calling me for months, sometimes twice daily, but usually every 2-3 days

    8. Gregory says:

      Elite Collection Agency calling using a different number

    9. Hugh says:

      yes, weird number that i didn't knowfirst message said "wassup. 'fkd.'"next message said "angel we was jus on the phone wiff tyrone. member.? 'fkd'" NO IDEA WHO THIS PERSON IS

    10. Clyde says:

      "hello , you're looking good these days , you ll see my newpicturres in my profile feelingg00d3 at evolve.com , we can meet up if u like"

    11. Alec says:

      girl named Amber, did not identify what company she was from

    12. Ethan says:

      Please dont Call me anymore

    13. Genaro says:

      A guy named "Rob Roberts" called, said he was from American Insurance Company.  Asked for my boss by nickname, said he was returning a call.  Lies.

    14. Douglas says:

      something about mortgaged

    15. Vito says:

      Calls weekly with automated 'get out of debt' messages