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    1. Alexis says:

      This number just calls and holds the phone and never say anything..don't ask for nobody,so please stop this from happening or delete my number off they call list..it's very annoying thanks!!..

    2. Ian says:

      About them buying junk cars

    3. Eliseo says:

      I have been getting same calls.  I called the number, and it was a recorded message--saying a call had been placed to my number regarding a recent magazine subscription.   I do not subscribe to any magazines...  The recording gave a customer service number, but it said that they would continue to try to reach me (oh joy).  With these calls, you usually have to answer IMMEDIATELY...it is a computer-programmed call, and it dials several numbers at once.  The first one to answer is connected.  The rest are left with dead air.

    4. Carl says:

      yes,  but the name was daleelectronicscor@sprintpcs.com --  googled the phone number and it goes to a guy named Steve Hageman      (828) 268-0172      1641 Russ Cornett Rd,  Boone, NC 28607-8064  Maybe the fed's should check him out.

    5. Felipe says:

      telemarketing crap do not pick up

    6. Wes says:

      Hi. This is Lexis of Englewood. They will continue to call and never leave a message. A really poor way of doing business. When you mention to them that you will be CONTACT; they don't take the hint.

    7. Cyrus says:

      claims to be my "educational advisor" even though I'm not in school and didn't sign up for any such thing.

    8. Theodore says:

      Sorry for misspelled words. If you recieved a call like this you will probably receive many more from various scammers. If you won something, that means they should already have your information. So why would you have to provide it?

    9. Elton says:

      A Man calling my mother's cell phone twice asking for me and saying GST emergency we asked him his name and he hanged up on us and how does he know my full name?

    10. Charley says:

      Just got a phone call from this number. If I don't know the number.. I don't answer! So glad I didn't after reading these reviews! Thank you very much for sharing what they said!

    11. Johnny says:

      One hang-up call... and then I didn't answer the second call. Undoubtedly a screening for answering machines, then a sales pitch when they note a real person answers.

    12. Garrett says:

      Same think. Text wanting me to get on yahoo IM. User name taragurl11. Stop texting now!!  Ugh. Pain in the ear!

    13. Earnest says:

      Junk fax advertising commercial truck rentals.  Claiming to be from a company called TopTrux.  Alleged "removal" number listed is 877-284-7887.

    14. Hubert says:

      Dont know who this is, and they said nothing.

    15. Mohammad says:

      These are crooks trying to get your personal information. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY! The "legal department" they claim to work for does not exist. The scam is well known with the FBI and law enforcement, but it's impossible to stop them due to the convenience of technology. They change their phone numbers constantly. BEWARE.