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    1. Rhett says:

      call from this number re asking if the business planning to move said they were working for the Brisitch Columbia Developement Office and wanted to send my some information.  When I asked questions operator said "Do I have to say it 100 times?"

    2. Tomas says:

      I asked the location of where this caller was located and there was not a valid response.  Untrustworthy.

    3. Daren says:

      Called 3-23-2009 @ 15:49, left message on recorder.  Political message promoting empowertexans.com

    4. Newton says:

      8/18/11 1015 AM ESTPhone call, didn't answer, didn't leave a msg

    5. Allan says:


    6. Galen says:

      Called and hang up numerous times

    7. Brice says:

      Tried to sell me an unwanted residential electricity plan.

    8. Elbert says:

      I have no idea who this is they call 4 or 5 times a day

    9. Cletus says:

      Bothering/ calling private

    10. Francesco says:

      thanks for that info they been calling me all day and i keep sending them to my voice mail but they dont leave a message

    11. Alonso says:

      Calls me ones a week, it is a cruise line spam finally blocked them

    12. Ken says:

      Dont let any thing call this number ever again

    13. Coy says:

      Called 11/30/10 at 8:40 pm... Telemarketer attempting a survey on my recent call to Directv. They may be a vendor survey center for various companies.

    14. Philip says:

      Just gotta call from this number.  Asked for my husband.  Caller tried to tell me my husband had ordered something (it soulded like a chemical name, I could not understand what he was saying - he had foreign accent). Told him my husband did not order anything.  He said someone from the office must have ordered it.  I said we have no office, this is a home.  He said he would send me 50 lbs (of whatever!!!)  I said NO!  He was persistent.  I said No! You are not sending me anything, and hung up.  I'm sure it was someone trying to get personal credit care or bank info.    It pissed me off!!!!!

    15. Laurence says:

      I have an Ad on the internet for a exercise equipment and all the information is in this AD such as, condition, must live in my area, cash only, no shipping, no texting or e-mails and cost of my equipment. I get a text (after stateing no texting) asking me the condition of my equipment. I told this person that if they read my AD they would have seen that It is in excellect condition. They text right back and said this....