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    1. Trenton says:

      no message & when i called back got a disco message

    2. Lazaro says:

      Just also got a call from Joe. (Winnipeg) Said he was a technician from windows and that my computer has viruses.  Asked me to go to computer so he could help fix.  I said, I would call him back at the number he gave me 204-272-8888.  Do they really think I am going to give him access to my computer? BEWARE

    3. Marvin says:

      received pornographic text messages, asked to stop but continues

    4. Ted says:

      got call 3 times this week, no answer and hang up after 20 seconds... Feedup.

    5. Isreal says:

      Woohoo, I figured out a way to stop these calls; just call 307-203-0458. It's a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers that want to minimize complaints and save time not calling people who don't want to be called. Just give them the caller's phone number to confirm it's on their list and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list. It worked for the person who wrote this in their comment and for me so I'd like to pass it on.

    6. Sean says:

      I called both the number on my caller ID and the 209 number and got the same blond female.  I used to be an investigator so it raised a red flag

    7. Moses says:

      Multiple phone calls. No messages left. Annoyance.

    8. Gilbert says:

      This guy is crazy and sends inappropriate pictured after u tell him not to

    9. Denver says:

      received a missed call on my cell. i do not have my cell set up for leaving messages. i later called this number back anonymously from another phone(a landline) and got a recorded message saying this is Mike from Weed-something lawn service, please leave a message. probably a wrong number, but i am filing this anyway for future reference.

    10. Tyrone says:

      I got the same call on a Friday, they just kept saying that an officer was going to pick me up on monday morning and I've been here waiting for them but nothing has happened yet. And each time I call back it's hard for me to get any kind of info because I just don't understand anything that they are telling me she says her name is Kevin Foster and some other retard name Rikki foster and another f****n idiot named Alex Smith. They're all good American names but f****n idiots can't speak perfect English to save their lifes. I was wondering if anybody can give me an address where I can find these retards so I can hve a word wit them. It pists me off because I took the day off work and I've had a sheriff and my lawyer here waiting for these dumbass's to show up but they haven't. I filed a police report because they have my social and my routing number and I have no idea who they are. So if anyone can give me an address that'll be great.

    11. Ahmad says:

      Received letter giving us 2 roundtrip airline tickets valued at $1,400.00.  Supposedly attempted calling us several times without success...NOT true.  They want us to call them.  We've have not received any calls.

    12. Carson says:

      ARS Heating and Cooling - Indianapolis

    13. Bradly says:

      Telemarketers keep calling after repeatedly telling them not to call me!

    14. August says:

      Kept calling and asking for my name

    15. Leif says:

      Amazing how I can visit a web site and they know my cell phone number. Technology today is just amazing! Yes, I got the same call - same message - same result (hung up)