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    1. Renaldo says:

      so i got a call from this number saying they were going to sew me for money that was lost or stolen. they had all my information and i dont know how thay got my info.

    2. Lavern says:


    3. John says:

      I hate this person he keeps acting like im his master

    4. Rocky says:

      Didn't make it to the phone - call was late at night.

    5. Darius says:

      Have also been receiving for 3 months threatening phone calls from "Sean, Shaun, or Shawn JACKSON" at the same number (209-812-2254; physically assigned to area around Compton, CA).  While live (not pre-recorded or a robocall), message is always the same:  Officer S Jackson from the Bureau of Law and Investigation needs to discuss an important matter at once with me and/or my attorney.  He does not identify what or where the Bureau is.  He claims that he has all my personal data, including SSN, and if I do not return his call (thereby verifying my phone number) there will be very serious consequences for me, including being arrested next week.  Given caller's thick accent, I doubt that his name is Jackson.  With no information forthcoming from the caller, I blocked his number.  Now he is harassing a colleague and threatening action unless the colleague provides my phone number.  To protect ourselves, we have both filed reports with our states' attorneys general.  I have also reported the threatening nature of the calls to and filed a do-not-call violation complaint with the FCC.  This person is nasty and persistent,and if you get on his call list, you must take action to hide any information about yourself from the caller.  I also suspect that he has obtained the information he is using to make his threatening calls in an illegal fashion.

    6. Derick says:

      debt collection, looking ex-roommate will not stop calling.

    7. Bradley says:

      Same happened with me. I just ordered a sample as was stated in the email that I got from them when I clicked the link stated in the email. There was no mention of shipment of regular size neither was there a mention of charge to my credit card for the regular size. I am wondering what the Fed is doing with this. I feel like an idiot. But I am not going to request my credit card company to to reverse the charge. Lets see what happens.

    8. Antonia says:

      Out of country pharmacy who cannot take no for an answer!

    9. Dion says:

      Same time every day all week long. Answered it a few times and no one is there.

    10. Fredrick says:

      They just called me too.  Asked for account information, for a $7000 grant, then said to call "the Treasury Department" at this number.

    11. Vince says:

      calls my phone all night and leaves voicemails

    12. Walton says:

      I also received a call from this number and it disconnected after a computer voice said good bye. Would have given him an earful if started scam. Good to have this venue.

    13. Stewart says:

      Oh Gee, Mr. Goffee, that sounds ethical. Almost Got Taken, I got the same thing. Goffee is full of it and deceptive. I think the Michigan Attorney General would be interested to know Mr. Goffee is offering "Positions" to get people to come in so he can sell them to buy into an independent contractor agreement. That's not a "position", it's MLM. He should be banned from the job boards. We should all register his phone numbers with telemarketers and fax machines on auto redial.

    14. Theron says:

      Owner: Amitabh Dhillon www.amitabhdhillon.com Jersey City, NJ It is a cell phone.

    15. Van says:

      Sallie Mae is a pain in the a$$...