843-496 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 843-496-0125
  • 843-496-0126
  • 843-496-0127
  • 843-496-0128
  • 843-496-0129
  • 843-496-0130
  • 843-496-0131
  • 843-496-0132
  • 843-496-0133
  • 843-496-0134
  • 843-496-0135
  • 843-496-0136
  • 843-496-0137
  • 843-496-0138
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  • 843-496-0143
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  • 843-496-0145
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  • 843-496-0149
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    1. Clement says:

      They call 2 - 3 times a day and say nothing.

    2. Felipe says:

      Creepy caller listens for 30 to 60 seconds then "clicks" off.  Very unnerving for a gal who works by herself AM's.

    3. Earnest says:

      They had the wrong number

    4. Leif says:

      I just had a call come from this line, but they didn't leave a message.  The thread above is all old calls, so I don't know if it is indeed from Peru, but I don't know anyone there.

    5. Moses says:

      calling from several different numbers, they all ask for Cynthia.

    6. Rodney says:

      just got the same call  saying i had unpaid bill money laundering and check fraud      wow wonder where all the cash is from this

    7. Willard says:

      received a call from this number, would not tell me what company or what it was in regards to. When I asked for a name, a man with a foreign accient told me it was Eric Williams.

    8. Marcel says:

      the son of a buzzards called back again,

    9. Emilio says:

      Texted some 1000$ best buy nonsense of course probably links to a virus

    10. Willie says:

      I got a call from "Allen O'Connor" with a heavy Indian accent today. He had my name and address. He told me basically the same thing he said to the others. "An alert was being sent to the Computer Tech Dept of Windows Operating Systems and that I should not turn my computer on because I was infected, but not a virus."  I said I was not comfortable with going on the computer and following someone's instructions blindly. I asked for, and he gave me, a call back number of 209-800-1004, different from the number he was calling from 206-555-0100, but I am not about to call him back. He said if he didn't hear from me he would call back early tomorrow. I called a Microsoft support number I found online and they remotely checked my computer. They said that Windows would not get signals from my computer, and that they do not call people like that. After they checked my computer and found some  things to correct, they tried to sell me a service for $199.95. I feel that they were a legitimate company, but not Windows themselves as I thought. I disconnected the remote, got their phone number, and called the Geek Squad.

    11. Otha says:

      don't want to talk or text

    12. Ismael says:

      Spam junk call Spanish speaking telemarketing

    13. Lance says:

      "Officer Thomas Cook" called from 209-260-0984 and said that me or my attorney of record had  to contact him TODAY, and if that didn't happen he said "All I can do is wish you good luck on what will unfold.  Ya man, Office Thomas Cook with the heaviest Jamaican accent I've ever heard.   You Officer Cook,  you should join the bobsled team!  The next day I got a call from one of your teammates, saying that ....ya man, his name was Steve Rosen at  646-340-3450 and the  the very second you receive this message, I or my attorney or record should call right away since. the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive, we have complaints against your identity y and your social security number. your social security number and your driving license are under investigation.  blah blah ya man!  

    14. Bryce says:

      called the number back and it said, "thank you for calling wells fargo.  we recently tried to contact you about a special promotion"

    15. Dante says:

      Ill say this. For a " scam " company. They answered the phone quick. Took my order and five days later i had it.. i wish all online companies were "scams" in Todor's eyes. LOL. LEGIT. Still operating.