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    1. Erik says:

      my daughter called from this number saying she was stranded in Saint Louis, Mo and that she was in a domestic violence situation. she has no ticket home to sacramento, ca. she has two kids under 2yrs old just want to know where she is and if she is ok.

    2. Samual says:

      Obvisouly you work for a small firm as companies like CDW, Insight, and PCConnection actually try to partner with the IT staffs of firms to make thier jobs easier in terms of solutions and projects. If you let them know that you are the IT director and dont want to talk everyday....they wont call....but they probably would like to know some details of your firm in case a problem arises and nagate the need to profile your network at that time to provide a solution that works.

    3. Mauro says:

      Called me three times today and leaves no voice mail.

    4. Monte says:


    5. Dwain says:

      I got the same text message as the first person to comment

    6. Jordan says:

      Spam! Calling at 11:30 pm. No idea how they got my number

    7. Corey says:

      Lake everyone else, we're on state and federal dnc lists.

    8. Jesus says:

      ignored two calls one right after another

    9. Ervin says:

      Telemarketing selling me prescription drugs they call me frequently. It's annoying.I have Verizon Cell service - there is a blocking code that can be put in place. But you have to know the inbound # and call back the #, prefixed by the blocking code.Unfortunately the telemarketers often use blocks of #'s and I wind up blocking many different #'s, but it has cut down on the inbound calls. Some days I get no calls. There is some satisfaction that I can act on these unwanted / disruptive calls.

    10. Chauncey says:

      ###CONFUSION###¿ ?

    11. Deandre says:

      This number calls me every day--I press the number requested to indicate that this is NOT the person they are looking for--and still they persist in bothering me!!!!

    12. Solomon says:

      This is similar to the big European "Freelotto" scam. You bet they want your bank account info. After they have you signed up, try to cancel. More info over at Fraudwatchers.

    13. Drew says:

      A group of people pretending to be Bankers Life and Casualty prowl job websites like Monster.com and obtain contact information for anyone and everyone no matter their expertise or profession. A woman named Kelly Norman (I think, she has a heavy Spanish accent) from Bankers Life and Casualty has been constantly calling me on my cell phone saying how they have career opportunities to offer me (even though my expertise is far from Insurance). This is a well known scam for people to pose as insurance companies and this particular one is in Hagerstown, MD. She is calling from a number in Oakland, MD and is (240) 212-0304.

    14. Hung says:

      trucker........bait and switch

    15. Neville says:

      ROBO CALLER, Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU gives this organization an "F". Very little money going to the people that need help, cancer patients. SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER