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    1. Richie says:

      This number calls with some indian guy named shawn andrwws saying they are from a law office and they are very sirious charges against u I just told him I was a cop and he hung up its a scam to get you to pay they are based out of illinois and also assosiated with an 855 number that tries to give u loans please dont fall for this they stole 390 dollars out of my prepaid account and I am getting very close to getting theses morons actually mkre like scum bags stwaling money from hard working people if anyone has any information please contact me im going to get these guys if its the last thing I do on this planet its not right what they do and they need to get whats coming to them so please contact me at WrigleyRed84@gmail or text my phone at 7083363585 thank u.

    2. Mckinley says:

      Debt collector for student loans.

    3. Del says:

      I have Equifax.  Got charged on Dec. 14.  Same website.  Recieved no call.  Got the phone number from my credit card company.

    4. Solomon says:

      A man with an accent called my number in fl saying he was law enforcement. He was rude! I had a police officer call him, he stated he was with Ellen Taylor. Look out!

    5. Chad says:

      Same as above. Caller ID comes up as Name Not Found.  Left no message.

    6. Darrin says:

      I got the same call. saying i owe some money knowing that i did not get any money in my bank account. I think when you apply for something on line, that you use your the last four digits of your SS#. they can get it easily...You got to watch out for hackers.

    7. Clay says:

      Says that its a collection agency but wont tell me for what until i give them my phone number.  Sounds like a scam.  Same as 0036

    8. Jacques says:


    9. Berry says:

      had a call from this number and hangup when I called it back got a message saying it had been disconnected

    10. Malik says:

      Sounds really immature asks for blowjob

    11. Theron says:

      Hey credit card solicitor they wanted to lower my credit rate

    12. Norbert says:

      Yes, if the callback number is not 8000000001, why are they listing that on their caller ID? Not legitimate.

    13. Vincent says:

      they are calling to me too same the same thing!

    14. Ruben says:

      Caller said it was a company named TSA (tech support assistance) and that I had reported a problem with my PC...which I did not. I played along for a long enough period to get the rep to suggest that I download and install a .exe file so they could remotely manage my PC and "fix" the problems. I asked him to identify his company or the name of the company that advised him I requested assistance with my PC and he promptly disconnected the call.

    15. Willie says:

      Your calls and texts has been blocked.