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    1. Wiley says:

      I came home today to find sixteen calls from this same phone number! A call every minute for sixteen minutes straight. Caller ID reads "UNKNOWN NAME".

    2. Leif says:

      Would not like to recieve Amy calls

    3. Josue says:

      Can you help block this number

    4. August says:

      Number sent out rude and insulting text messages. is a textfree number, an app on the iphone/itouch.

    5. Malik says:

      Well the people from your company has no ethics and should all be fired and sued for disturbing people's peace.

    6. Eldridge says:

      This is Pinnacle Financial a debt collector.

    7. Jake says:

      called me and did not answer when i said hello and i hung up. i have no connection to them.

    8. Douglas says:

      Wants you to switch gas companys.

    9. Refugio says:

      Some one calling about a school

    10. Jerry says:

      They said i was entered into a sweepstake by my creedit or 'debit card. then started to ask several personal questions. I always unsubscribe from my companies soliciting my information so all of the companies i do business with will be gettign a call from me tonight!

    11. Quinn says:

      I received a call today from this number claiming that they were a law firm and that their was a suit against me. I told them to send me something in the mail and hung up. He called me right back and proceded to tell me that they had sent me 13 emails about this. After a 10 minute arguement he told me my address and social security number and that there would be a subpeona in the mail in the morning. Bring it on. These people are a scam.

    12. Kyle says:

      I also recived acall from this Number - but no response.

    13. Junior says:

      I recently made an edit to our Google Places listing. This person was supposedly calling to verify that I am assuming since they didn't really identify themselves. Once I mentioned that I was not the business owner but my father was they promptly hung up on me. So incredibly rude and disappointing! GOOGLE, if this person does work for you they should be fired immediately due to rudeness and lack or professionalism.

    14. Gaylord says:

      two calls today, two yesterday with number in quotes on call display NOT the number showing on the call display

    15. Elbert says:

      Do NOT! send me no more messages.