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    1. Santiago says:

      My husband received a call from DCS In--the last 4 digits the ph # 3546---she said her name is Sandralina looking for our son and daughter who live in a different state-this company needs to be investigated and fined for harrassing innocent people.

    2. Brock says:

      A group of people pretending to be Bankers Life and Casualty prowl job websites like Monster.com and obtain contact information for anyone and everyone no matter their expertise or profession. A woman named Kelly Norman (I think, she has a heavy Spanish accent) from Bankers Life and Casualty has been constantly calling me on my cell phone saying how they have career opportunities to offer me (even though my expertise is far from Insurance). This is a well known scam for people to pose as insurance companies and this particular one is in Hagerstown, MD. She is calling from a number in Oakland, MD and is (240) 212-0304.

    3. Jeremy says:

      Called 3 times today and just hangs up :(

    4. Rosendo says:

      they called earlier this moring then called again asking for abigail and then i said shutup or else i will report you to the cops i told my mom she called them from my phone then hers

    5. Travis says:

      Another phone call from these people (NORC U CHICAGO).  Would not leave a message.     BIG SCAMMERS------I owe no one anything.    BIG BIG SCAMMERS ARE BEING REPORTED ONCE AGAIN.

    6. Marcus says:

      Don't Let The Call Go Through .

    7. Mauricio says:

      Same comment as Jonny Drexel. I just had two dumb text messages from this number asking what is already answered in the ad. I wish scammers were a bit less obvious ... very irritating

    8. Marcelo says:

      They have been calling me several times a day. Today they marked the call as urgent on my answering machine. None of them spoke English very well, so I could not make out all of what they said, but it was something about a loan applied for and had been approved. I have not applied for a loan in years since my last mortgage which was several years ago.

    9. Otha says:

      I got a call from  person that says his name is Sam Brown and says he is from the US Government Grant Department and I would need to pay 200 to get 7000.00 for a government grant.  he called from 206-201-2754, is this legitimate?

    10. Haywood says:

      got a spam text about free cigarettes

    11. Sebastian says:

      This happened to me as well. Except before she hung up, she kept insisting that I didn't know what I was talking about. When pressed for more information about my 'account', she hung up.

    12. Russel says:

      persistently calls me and I persistently don't answer. Unfortunately that means I have no info for you other than the number itself.

    13. Daniel says:

      The address they gave me was 11705 la cienaga blvd los angeles ca 90064. Hope that helps

    14. Damian says:

      First financial bank collections

    15. Filiberto says:

      yes I did , on May 2nd/11 ...there was no reason for this number to call me at 10:30pm on a Monday night( on my cellphone)The person seemed to be a very unable to speak properly, and kept repeating a name but I could not understand it. I told him I thought he had the wrong number and I hung up.Something struck me as this felt like a "very out-of the-ordinary " call at this time of night.