818-577 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Donn says:

      Left message:  She said she was with CRA and it was VERY urgent that my husband or who ever represents us to call back.  

    2. Wilford says:

      Business Listing request from State of Washington...

    3. Clayton says:

      keep ringing the house then hang's upwhen you answer it.

    4. Delbert says:

      for someone who has a unlisted number i sure do get some phone calls this one came up CM RCH GRP don't know them and don't want to talk to them

    5. Clinton says:

      I just received a call today from Ronald Smith with US Customs says he's working on a narcotics investigation that I'm involved with HA!! Several months ago I also got calls very similar stating that I needed to wire $2,500 immediately or I would be arrested. I had a man answer the next call from the so called customs agent and when he started asking the so called agent questions, the agent became belligerent and told my friend to f__k off. Now would a real customs agent say something like that, I think not. So I just quit answering the calls and finally he gave up. The number they are calling me from now is 209-846-1243.

    6. Rory says:

      A man called Charley call my house asking for my husband; when I told that I was the wife and asked where he call from he said that there will be other opportunities he hang up the phone. I call back to the number but no one picks up, there is not even an answering service.

    7. Stanford says:

      117 is an invalid US area code but the call could be coming from overseas where countries use the 11-7XXX-XXXX format.

    8. Stephen says:

      I just received two texts from this number for First Midwest bank which I have no dealings...I did respond and said I have no dealings with this bank and I was no sucker for this scam.

    9. Anton says:

      Calling me telling me he can help me market my business.  Called me twice in one day.  Says he found my ad on Craigslist.  Just someone else trying to make a buck.

    10. Rudy says:

      This is a nice gentleman's cell number living in the Indianapolis/Noblesville area. 11/2012. I'm buying a jacket off of him.

    11. Freddy says:

      This telephone number calls my house three times a day.   They have been calling for the last month. When I answer they say nothing.  I have tried calling the number but it doesnt go any where.   How do I get them to stop????

    12. Monte says:

      Unsolicited text messages

    13. Federico says:

      They call to offer to put your business in the top list on Google, sounds like BS to me.

    14. Arnoldo says:

      They call me 4 to 6 times a day!!!! Even, after I requested they remove me from their calling list!

    15. Don says:

      this person is spamming me