818-325 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Morton says:

      received a pre recorded message on how you can make so much money....  taked really fast, Said to call this number, (number he called from I beleive)

    2. Palmer says:

      The Wrong1--you are mistaken.  The number you mention is for another business--a legitimate one that does NOT have a phone center.  Alternative Credit Technologies, LLC is not Alternative Credit.   The phone number that people are complaining about is not the same one that you have posted, and Alternative Credit Technologies, LLC has nothing to do with the calls.

    3. Galen says:

      The are called insurance center. Solicitor calling to sell auto insurance. When you call back blocking your number it wont go through. It says it is a bad number. They are calling cell phones and numbers on the do not call list.They are in violation so contact the attorney general and file a complaint.

    4. Saul says:

      Recvd the following text: "Your entry in our drawing WON you a FREE $500 Target Giftcard enter 480 at www.target.com.ttgh.biz/?claim=112 to claim it and we can ship it to you immediately.

    5. Ferdinand says:

      Mr. Black called MY JOB and left a message stating that I have leins against my security number and that if I do not return his call that he's sending the police to my job and then nobody will be able to help me in this matter. I tried calling back but, it went straight to voicemail. This is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!! I don't even know how he got my information!!!!

    6. Joaquin says:

      What is the location of this text.

    7. Nelson says:

      I got this text a unwanted text about winning a 1,000 dollar gift card1-530-304-1277

    8. Marcos says:

      Caller continues to call my phone everyday. They will not leave a message.

    9. Jarrod says:

      many time miss call from this no...

    10. Dallas says:

      Calling, hanging up has other people call and just playing on my phone.....Can't block txts either

    11. Luke says:

      they call and no one is there

    12. Anderson says:

      This company is a scam. They will try to convince you your computer has issues. If you allow them to, they will even link with your computer to add to the fear factor.

    13. Nicolas says:

      They called about getting a credit card

    14. Leo says:

      Male caller ID Chirs Adams left message.  Said he was from "SEC" and was calling about "your utility accounts over there."  Left a callbak 888-203-3441.  I did not call back.

    15. Hans says:

      Called my job on 4/2/13 and even talked with my boss informing her, that i had wrote some bad checks with our company! Said someone will be here tomorrow 4/3/13 to arrest me! Had all my personal info, ssn#, address, dl#. Caller names was Charles Green with Dan Curtis Law Firm and he provided me a address of 101 Park Ave. New York, NY 10178. But when I researched address, it was listed to another company inwhich I called and was told no one by that name worked there and that was not their Company name!