818-241 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 818-241-1644
  • 818-241-1645
  • 818-241-1646
  • 818-241-1647
  • 818-241-1648
  • 818-241-1649
  • 818-241-1650
  • 818-241-1651
  • 818-241-1652
  • 818-241-1653
  • 818-241-1654
  • 818-241-1655
  • 818-241-1656
  • 818-241-1657
  • 818-241-1658
  • 818-241-1659
  • 818-241-1660
  • 818-241-1661
  • 818-241-1662
  • 818-241-1663
  • 818-241-1664
  • 818-241-1665
  • 818-241-1666
  • 818-241-1667
  • 818-241-1668
  • 818-241-1669
  • 818-241-1670
  • 818-241-1671
  • 818-241-1672
  • 818-241-1673

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    1. Norman says:

      Got a call from that number a few minutes ago. Didn't pick up. No message.

    2. Nicolas says:

      Recording asking if I wanted to be debit free

    3. Calvin says:

      white men da police...!!!!!

    4. Jamison says:

      It is a text message wghich displays as 1-111-509-412.  It was from ATT about text messaging.

    5. Ronny says:

      I don't know who it was. Do you know??

    6. Agustin says:

      yeah..i have been getting same calls as all of you have..can barely speak english saying i took out an online loan and owe 500.00 plus dollars but unlike all of you i was the dumbass that paid them 200.00 before i came to this site and saw what a fool i was. havent paid them anything else but they keep bugging me at least three or four times a day....

    7. Tyree says:

      Collection agency. These guys have more than one local number they use. One of them is 225-439-9716.

    8. Carroll says:

      This guy is a total idiot. He is a total scammer! He calls people at their place of employment and harrasses them. He answers his phone as "Attorney Mark Johnson". First: What kind of an attorney answers his own phone? Second: Where did he get his license from, a Cracker Jack box? He can't even spell when he posts derogatory comments about people. Third: "Mark Johnson" Are you kidding me?!?! This guy is as foreign as Osama Bin Laden. Fourth: He needs to actually go to law school! He is breaking the law by posting other people's personal information (name, tel, ss#, bank info, etc) on various websites. Someone needs to shut down this waste of air/space!!

    9. Vernon says:

      a scammer wanting remote access to my computer

    10. Frank says:

      the user does not accept texts message

    11. Lucio says:

      Thanks for the help here - I called the number and it was, indeed, the Voicemail box for my Trakfone. I was able to use my landline so saved my Trakfone minutes. I needed to give my Trakfone number and my password and then I was able to retrieve my messages. The message was a real one.

    12. Jordan says:

      Sit and Stay Pet Services, a pet sitting dog walking company. www.sitandstaystl.com

    13. Jimmy says:

      This number called my cell phone, i did not answer, they left a message which was simply the number in text...

    14. Ward says:

      This # won't stop calling!

    15. Mohammed says:

      Just a missed call but did regester to tuxedos recently