816-513 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Benjamin says:

      Calling in the odd hours!! Hate this number!!

    2. Salvatore says:

      Thats one wacko woman! She even threatened me.

    3. Blair says:

      They are a fraud, they will try to still your information through your email.

    4. Arlie says:

      For the last week recieved almost daily a call from this #.

    5. Marcel says:

      Received spam calls and text messages from 240-938-2651 about dances and club(Harley Riders). Seems to be from a cell phone. I picked up the phone call and the other side immediately hang up and sent me a text.

    6. Rob says:

      I had a voicemail on my work phone and when i called back the guy said his name was David and he worked for Richard Wright.  He said I owed money for a loan and b/c i had failed to pay the local sheriffs office was on the way to arrest me at my place of employment.  When i asked if he could fax or email me proof of the debt he began screaming at me saying i had to pay. i asked the balance and he said 750.00 i said if i owe money I'll pay it but I need to see the loan agreement or whatever he has saying that I owe this money.  He refused saying that I had been contacted by email, when I said I was never contacted he said I deleted the emails.  Again I asked for verification and he said he could only supply that info to my employer.  He asked if i was going to pay today. I said no. He said he just alerted the local sheriffs office and they would drag me from my place of employment kicking and screaming and I would loose my job b/c no one wants an employee who has committed fraud. He said once I was arrested I would have to pay 8,000 when I went before the judge or they would hold me in the jail until I could come up with that money.  The guy eventually hung up on me b/c I refused to pay,  I have reported the company to all appropriate agencies.

    7. Tracey says:

      called from 210-223-4982.  Message left on voicemail.  It's an H.E.B. (Pharmacy)

    8. Randy says:

      Caller lies to reach head of company

    9. Rob says:

      > Lindsay Yakielashek -- (204) 283-7694 - Winnipeg, MB

    10. Dean says:

      i really think it wouldnt be like this cops should really pul peolpe other when there is something wrong not when their not doing nothing wrong don't anyone agree with me here !

    11. Ronnie says:

      I also got the same message, however the number was 516-225-5676

    12. Jonathon says:

      They're not collectors of debt because I have no credit cards or even a single bill and they keep calling me. Even called me at 12:30am. I added them to my "send straight to voicemail" list. Haven't had a voicemail yet. It'll be interesting to see if they leave one.

    13. Wilfred says:

      called after 9:00 as I got to the phone picked it up no one there, then dialed the # back a fast busy.The person on the other end better be glad I couldn't come throught the line because they would not be walking around today.

    14. Edison says:

      Telemarketer.Told them repeatedly NOT to call back & to remove me from call list.Reported to DNC.

    15. Roy says:

      Just had service done at Toyota Dealer.  Judging by previous poster this may be a follow up survey from Toyota.