816-351 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Vern says:

      Received a text message from this number about an iPad2.  Same as previous poster, except it told me to Got to

    2. Warner says:

      DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE!!!!! THIS IS NOT FROM A MEDICAL FACILITY! These are con artist. They are hackers getting information about different people around the country who have recently been to the hospital, then send out these bogus bills. To find out what you really owe the hospital contact the hospital you went to directly. If you receive a paper bill from these people (as my son did - made to look like it was from the hospital) turn it in to the CFO of the hospital. We have taken one bill in and the hospital confirmed it was a fraud. We will now be turning in the second. Now that I see they are doing this around the country I will request they contact the F.B.I.   DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!

    3. Cleo says:

      i did not pick it up, but i do not know anyone with this area code.

    4. Hyman says:

      I was left a voicemail and it was difficult to determine if the message was left by an actual person or an automated message.  It is from "DVD Online" company, my boyfriend ordered a surprise birthday gift from this company so I am unsure of all the details but they were just verifying some shipping information.

    5. Man says:

      # 984-969-8025 Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.

    6. Dallas says:

      I get at least 2 calls a day from this number. I answered two times and first time they hung up immediately and second time they held on for a moment and I could hear voices in background then heard them hang up. Tried to call back and was told that this was not a in service #. Next time they called, I ignored to see if they would leave a message but they did not. When I called the phone company to ask about how could call me and not be a working # I was told that it is scammers that piggyback onto a number to hide where they are coming from. Will either try to use it to connect to peoples computers who are set up to phone lines with a virus and/or calling from other countries to try to set up bogus charges to phone bill. Was told to not answer if I do not recognize #'s and wait to have voicemail message left. If none, to ignore as anyone legit would be leaving a message. So that's the way I'm going to handle it here on out.

    7. Josue says:

      Trying to sell home repair services all the calls are calling from cell numbers what kind of business call from a cell number it's bogus

    8. Mohammed says:

      I got miss call on my answer machine said.

    9. Kent says:

      do not give this company any personal information. They asked me to verify that I had a valid checking account by giving them the routing number and bank account. When I refused he screamed at me and hung up.

    10. Everett says:

      I got a similar message as NV from the same number 202-204-0484.  The voice mail was the same with regard to a warrant been issued and passport being on hold. The only difference is that it was from a so called Investigation Officer from USCIS instead of IRS.  

    11. Elwood says:

      Same deal - this jerk tried to get a phone number of a neighbor from me, even AFTER I told him I had no idea who he was talking about.  Very nasty guy and kind of scary actually given that he knew my name and address.  Guess it's time to call the police about it...

    12. Augustus says:

      college offering info on a college that haz nutin to do wit wat im interestd n studyng

    13. Waylon says:

      Texted about kijiji sale, then asked for paypal and shipping to Nigeria. Scammer.

    14. Stanley says:

      It's a B.S wanna be bill collector. I called the number back and they wouldn't tell me who they were.

    15. Brett says:

      Thanks for your information i also got call from this number