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    1. Neil says:

      called to offer help with my computer. ..said they noticed I wasn't receiving the correct information. idiots.

    2. Jc says:

      Has called 3 times and never leaves a message.

    3. Sterling says:

      I think this is a scam bill collector. Caller said her name was Linda i said i know No Linda and she asked for me by name again, i asked what do you need and again she asked for me by name, again i said what do you need, she hung up. DO NOT confirm to anyone u do not know on the phone who u are it will help there scam.

    4. Dexter says:

      They call every day by time I answer they hang up

    5. Rusty says:

      Get up to $1,500 NOW. No credit checks. It's quick and easy. Confidential. Apply right away! www.Apply4Cash.com

    6. Juan says:

      12th Ashford university number, block it and they'll call from another number.

    7. Freeman says:

      I dont know Who the Hell it Is,but they need a life

    8. Milton says:

      didn't pick up. then I googled the number, and found this site.  so i am not alone.

    9. Ferdinand says:

      Called and asked name in whom was speakin, wanted bank acct verification and I refused, foreign guy was speaking stated I had received a loan from cash america, and they needed to verify my bnk acct to release money, in which I never applied for.

    10. Filiberto says:

      Called my cell phone. Didn't answer, glad I didn't.

    11. Arturo says:

      Caller ID is 260-399-3723. It's an auto-dialer with a prerecorded message trying to sell products from Freedom Scooters And Chairs (FreedomScootersandChairs.com). Online info is... FreedomScootersandChairs.com 4100 Mendenhall Oaks Parkway Ste 170, High Point NC 27265 Telephone Number: 866-783-1050 Email: info@freedomscootersandchairs.com If you call the 260-399-3723 back it will ask you to press 1 to opt out of their system but I've done this before. The calls keep coming so I think I just validated that my cell phone is valid. This is harassment. I'm also on the Do Not Call Registry. I don't fit in with their demographics (not old, not disabled) and I don't know how they have my cell phone number. They call throughout the day while I'm at work and it's causing problems. Would love a hacker to take down their site in retaliation. This is a very bad manners company and would never buy anything from them even if I needed their products.

    12. Kennith says:

      definitely a scammer...wanted my paypal account info..

    13. Taylor says:

      I don't know This person and the keep texting me

    14. Joshua says:

      txted me saying that they were going to ruin my marriage

    15. Jeffrey says:

      Trying to get money for police department in BR