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    1. Lonny says:

      Called and just hang up when I answered.

    2. Raymond says:

      Not excepting calla from u cause your a llar

    3. Ezra says:

      This Indian fool was trying to tell me about my computer running on microsoft.... I have apple products ya bish!

    4. Dino says:

      keeps calling about a family member who is deceased

    5. Herb says:

      Whoever this is is just out of control. They call 3 , 4 ,5 times a day, even Sundays for weeks and months on end. I never answer and I never will. Caller ID is such a lifesaver from telemarketers. They have to give up eventually, right? Or maybe they'll call me every day for the rest of my life. I may have to get call block or that little gizmo they sell at Radio Shack that shuts out certain numbers. This particular number is really obnoxious, probably the worst I have ever experienced.

    6. Bruno says:

      Seriously. You all need to get a life. Who bothers to go onto a website to report a text... I mean, besides me.

    7. Jeffry says:

      Called 3 times in 15 mins. Called back with my number blocked and it said the number did not exist.

    8. Merlin says:

      Call my cell about 10 times a day will not say a word....tickn me off

    9. Elmo says:

      i got about 12 calls harrassing me about sucking this guys genitals and going graphicly into how he wants to put his privates in my butt!

    10. Lanny says:

      Hello (my first name). This is Alex. I have great news call 304 933 4414.

    11. Jeramy says:

      Received call from this number stating that he was with "Super Yellow Pages" and wanted to verify information. When I questioned him (because he was talking fast and had a strong accent) he got rude. I got rude back and told him he could fax whatever he wanted verified and I would respond if needed. Don't expect to get a fax from him.

    12. Werner says:

      He's doing it again using the address 380 Lexington Rd. Richmond. he's good has the home owners names and everything. Thanks for this blog -  helped me validate my "uh oh" feeling!

    13. Brady says:

      i had the same thing today at about 5 pm new everything about the car i own and my wifes name and email

    14. Sanford says:

      This is Bankers Life and Casualty, an insurance brokerage. They make blind calls based on resumes the find online. Don't be duped into working with these guys, those of us who have experience in insurance sales know how sleazy they are.

    15. Cecil says:

      Called asked for a person unknown to me. then started asking questions about charge cards.