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    1. Terrence says:

      I called western dental to make a pmnt. He answered from his cell phone..

    2. Teddy says:

      Asked me if I was interested in a job, part time or full time. His name was Mike McDonald. Call on 6.24.08 at about 11am.

    3. Tory says:

      sicko o threatened me physically

    4. Len says:


    5. Korey says:

      I have said no to youuuuu therefore everyone who calls from this office will be getting the same damn response

    6. Stewart says:

      Best Buy.......I bought a dishwasher yesterday morning and they called me yesterday afternoon.

    7. Willard says:

      I called it back cause they called earlier and asked for me and I get a message about adding me to their do not call list and I didn't say or press anything and it just ended the call.

    8. Adalberto says:

      this is the chicago opera theater

    9. Carlton says:

      This number keeping calling saying the police is coming to get me

    10. Jack says:

      alguien me llamo disiendome q me queria conoser y era un hombre primero me textio y despues yo llame y me engancharon el cell...despues mande a mi esposo q llamara y le dijeron q por q el cojio mi cell y lo llamo like wtf with this number...678 330 8448

    11. Rueben says:

      I also got call from +91 1204739400 and said he is from Naukri.com -Abhisek n asked me abt my experience n if Im looking for job...strange..CV on Job site is for Job hunting only so why he has to ask? Strange..some kind of verifications...

    12. Bennie says:

      No more robo calls please, not interested

    13. Donn says:

      This is SkillFront/CBT eXpress.

    14. Dirk says:

      Same as other reports.  Man with strong East Indian accent, kept calling me "ma'am", voice got louder and louder when I asked questions trying to figure out what was going on.  Lots of background noise, like a call centre.  Tried to tell me I had viruses in my Windows 7 computer.  Asked which computer, he said one with Windows 7.  I asked for his name and number ... Roger William (an E. Indian named Roger William?  Get real), 209-732-5452, said he was in Ottawa, Ontario.  He claimed it was valid, said I could trust it because my computer sent an id to his computer.  Fast talker ... don't trust them.

    15. Rocky says:

      no message, called back it says "You have reached Law Centric, you may press 3 to remove yourself from this list at anytime" I've received many many many calls from this number