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    1. Daron says:

      same - multiple calls with no message on voice mail.  This morning I answered - it is

    2. Haywood says:

      I had the same thing. Just a spammer.

    3. Marshall says:

      call over and over no message!

    4. Geraldo says:

      got 1 text:Hey [my name, spelled correctly], not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke555.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Mark

    5. Leonard says:

      Yes, the guy is from India. even if we disconnected the call, they keep on calling. They are saying that we will block all the calls from tele ads???

    6. Elden says:

      Has been calling me for the past three weeks now, three times a day, at least four times at least twice a week. They never leave a message, and today I finally answered their call. (They're a WA number, and I'm in FL. I never picked up the phone for them before because of this.) Anyway, when I answered there was a long silence and then what sounded like an automated voice saying something about homeless home protection. I told them to stop calling me and they hung up.

    7. Cary says:

      need to let the FBI call them

    8. Alfredo says:

      (276)207-8042 has been calling for weeks. Always trying to get in touch with "you", never actually once stating who the message is for or using my name. They always want to talk about "paperwork" wether it's preliminary, reviewed by superiors, and so on (not in any specific order) and they never leave a company name. Callers are David Wells, Amber Knight, Adam Grenley & others call from additional Virginia #'s who always conveniently cut their name off when leaving the message call about the same paperwork never once saying my name or identifying themselves. 571-482-4733, 571-482-4734 100% spam!

    9. Efren says:

      I got a text (with my name I might add) saying to check out www.localheroshere.com

    10. Denny says:

      Recorded message for web advertiser

    11. Clark says:

      Somehow they managed to get his bank account information. I contacted them and they said they would refund the money in 2-3 weeks. we will see if that happens.

    12. Claudio says:

      I reported these morons to the BBB!  Still get the calls!!!!!  Pretty sick of them and they never leave a message.  They call from 8 (or more) area codes and you can't block them?!

    13. Valentin says:

      not phone call this number please.

    14. Ramon says:

      about 10 calls a daY realy

    15. Jackie says:

      Received several hang-up calls from this phone number. Background noise only.