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    1. Mitchel says:

      Received roughly 3 calls per day from this number for the past 2 weeks straight. As soon as I answer, they hang up. If I don't, they don't leave voice message. If I call back, I receive really bad elevator music that lasts for at least 2 minutes (I couldn't waste any more time hoping to get to a "live person." Did a little research to find its ARG Group INC. Reported the number and business to FCC, Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office (they call my wireless number which is already on the state and federal Do Not Call Lists), and BBB. I figured I'd try and called the number another complaint posted, 800-968-3503. Finally got hold of a woman and gave her all the information. Said it takes up to 24 hours to get removed. PS... If the PA AG office finds them in violation, they'll be receiving a hefty fine for every report against them each time :-)

    2. Austin says:

      hayden. nmarleyfolk wit wrong number

    3. Daren says:

      I didn't answer when they called, but I'm reading the comments that it's BOA. I don't have any BOA accounts...

    4. Warren says:

      called at 6:30 this morning

    5. Odell says:

      My ex-brother gave these scammers my home phone number as a contact number. I'm assuming he owes them some kind of money and hasn't paid them.

    6. Marco says:

      I received a call from this number in my cell. When i tried to call back, the call was rejected.

    7. Waldo says:

      this is a google number some weird man calls from

    8. Lance says:

      Please stop sending SMS. I lose balance PLEASE!!

    9. Arron says:

      This guy first sends me an email saying that a 3year position is avail with at&t for $22/hr and wants me to respond with all my info. I ignored this suspicious email, then I received a phone call from a guy with an indian accent with a bad connection trying to convince me to give him my info including ss#......no doubt its a scam

    10. Andre says:

      got 2 calls from this #.  nobody on the line. 1 call at 4:00 am and 1 at 5:10 am

    11. Jay says:

      yea same thing happened...i picked up and no one talked back then when I returned the call it would pick up after the first ring and no one would talk and then they would hang up...

    12. Silas says:

      Filled out online job app. an telemarketers begin calling. Have avoided that # 3 times today.

    13. Clarence says:

      Unknown Caller.No Message on voicemail.

    14. Blaine says:

      health insurance at half the price.

    15. Errol says:

      Received late night text saying their name was Mary and go to copydate.com to see pics. Stupid. Probably porn site.